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LBD 3 Ways

Styling a little black dress for the winter // Hunting for Pink Flamingos

I feel like people don’t dress up a lot in the winter. There’s Valentine’s Day (today!) and Christmas parties … maybe a wedding or two … but that’s about it. And for me, doing it less frequently makes it a lot harder!

A couple of years ago, I went to see Courtney Carver speak on the Project 333 tour. It was super interesting, and one of my takeaways was that she hasΒ one event dress. She wears it to weddings and nice dinners and anything else that requires something dressy.

In some ways, that sounds amazing. You already know what you’re going to wear to every event, and you don’t have to spend time worrying about it. But in other ways, it sounds terrible. Because I really like putting together outfits! And also, you’d be wearing the same thing in all your pictures. πŸ™‚

So these two things — dressing up in the winter and having one dress to choose from — lead me to this post: 3 ways to style your little black dress!

#1 Booties, Tights and a Jacket

LBD 3 Ways: Jacket + Tights & Booties // Hunting for Pink Flamingos

This was by far the warmest of the three outfits. And it could work with any jacket you have — denim, moto, leather, whatever! And if your dress doesn’t have a statement neckline like mine does, I think a statement necklace would look really cute, too.

Pleather Jacket + Little Black Dress How to look chic and stay warm // Pair your little black dress with a jacket and booties

#2 Cardigan, a Scarf, Tights, and Heels

3 Ways to Style a Little Black Dress // Cardigan + Leopard Print Scarf + Tights & Heels

I wear cardigans over my dresses year round (because offices are cold in the summer), and adding a scarf makes it a little warmer and a little more interesting. πŸ™‚ I’m also a big fan of wearing thermalsΒ under everything for a little extra warmth.

Wearing your little black dress in the winter // Add a cardigan and a leopard print scarf! All-black outfit with a leopard print scarf // Hunting for Pink Flamingos

#3 Colored Cardigan and Statement Heels

3 Ways to Wear Your Little Black Dress // Pink Cardigan + Floral Heels // Hunting for Pink Flamingos

There are always random warm fronts in the winter (for example, it was 70 degrees here on Sunday), and I see that as a time to break out the shoes that don’t look good with tights! πŸ™‚

Statement shoes + Pink Cardigan + Black dress Little Black Dress with pops of color // Hunting for Pink Flamingos

Which one is your favorite? I can’t decide! But in reality, I’m going to be spending the evening wearing leggings, eating pizza, and watching the Olympics. So it’s not like I have to choose one. Yet. πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading!

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