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Colorblocked Shirtdress

Purple & Blue Colorblocked Shirtdress // Hunting for Pink Flamingos

In my first year out of college, I was on a pretty tight budget. But since I wasn’t willing to completely cut out buying clothes, I had to get creative.

So for about a year, the only clothes I bought were from the Target 70% off rack and from Ross. I was never that great at finding stuff on the Target racks, but I wasΒ skilled at finding stuff at Ross. (I still often tell people it’s my favorite store.) One of those finds was this dress.

Winter Style // Colorblocked Shirtdress

The dress is probably one of my favorite items in my closet. It’s really unique, and it’s so easy to wear. (Well, except for the static factor. You should see the outtakes from this photo shoot — static city.) Plus, it makes a statement every time I wear it.

It used to have a cloth belt around the waist (you can sort of see it here), but one of the loops that held it on broke off a few months ago. And I’ve decided not to fix it. I really like it with this brown belt!

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| Dress: Ross, similar style here (in 8 colors) and here (with embroidery) | Belt: H&M, similar | Tights: Walmart | Shoes: Nine West Outlet, similar here and here |

I got this belt back when I studied abroad in Athens, Greece. I just needed a brown belt (my only belt at the time was black), so I found one for 5 Euros at H&M, and I bought it.

And I wore itΒ constantly. Eventually, I wore it enough that it broke, so I cut off the broken end, punched new holes, and made a waist belt!

I probably couldn’t say that it was theΒ best 5 Euros I ever spent (the chocolate croissants I got every week were SO GOOD), but it’s definitely one of my top purchases from the semester.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. This black dress is another one of my favorite Ross finds!

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