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7 Ways to Celebrate the Opening Ceremonies

Celebrating the Olympics in Style ... and At Home!

I was a sophomore in college during the Vancouver Olympics, and my roommates and I decided that we needed to really celebrate them. I organized an opening ceremonies party, and Sarah (who was a studio art major) made world flags out of note cards and then hung them all over our apartment with dental floss. (It was amazing. We kept them up long after the Olympics ended.)

The Olympics officially start this Thursday(!!), and in a lot of ways, I think that the opening (and closing) ceremonies are the least exciting parts. No one’s even competing for anything! BUT they’re a great occasion to try out all of those appetizers you have pinned on Pinterest. (Or remake the ones you really loved from the Super Bowl.)

Here are seven ways to celebrate the opening ceremonies!

Throw a Party | And as far as I’m concerned, inviting people is completely optional. Matt and I have a great time throwing low-key parties for ourselves. We just make lots of apps and treat it like a celebration.

Wear Olympic Gear | There are two ways to go about this one. Either buy gear with the Olympic rings or go crazy with red, white, and blue — or any country’s colors, really.

Make Your Own Olympic Flag | I made a big one with banner paper and paint, but you could easily make small flags with printer paper and markers.

Make a Flag Garland | Sarah’s strategy (note cards and dental floss) is a pretty solid one. As you can see in the pictures below, I stuck to really easy flags. Like Japan. πŸ™‚

Make Appetizers that Match Different Countries | For example, salsa or guacamole for Mexico, hummus for Greece, sliders for the US, and bruschetta for Italy. If you want to extend it to the beverages too, you could do wine for France — and vodka for Russia? You could also make little flags on toothpicks to accompany each dish.

Hold Your Own Torch Relay | I feel like this is something I tried to make my family do when I was a kid. (And they should have LOVED it.) As we all know, the torch bearers in the Opening Ceremony run about 20 feet, so you could just station people around your living room and pass off a paper torch.

Judge the Parade of Nations | Watching 8 million countries walk in getsΒ boring. So make it more fun by rating each one on outfits, presentation, etc. Because there’s always at least one country where all the people areΒ pumped to be there. And they deserve points for that!

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You can find the full Olympic schedule here!

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