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In Burning Red + Behind the Scenes

Playing Dress Up In the Winter // Tulle Skirts

I like to think of red as Taylor Swift’s color of the year for 2012 (and probably every other year). And I, like Taylor, have always loved bright red lipstick. But up until this winter, the only red clothing I owned was a pair of red pants. Oh, and my ugly Christmas sweater.

But I finally bought a (non-tacky) red sweater … and I can’t remember why I was so opposed to the color before. Bright colors are my favorite (hence my pink coat), and now that I have one red item, I think it’s time for more. πŸ™‚

Red Sweater + Tulle Skirt // Hunting for Pink Flamingos Red Sweater with bell sleeves and bows White Tulle Skirt Styling your tulle skirt for the winter // Pair it with a sweater Winter Outfit Ideas // Tulle skirt + sweater // Hunting for Pink Flamingos Your guide to wearing white in the winter // White tulle skirt + red sweater on Hunting for Pink Flamingos Tulle skirts in the snow // My tulle skirt may be my favorite item in my closet!

| Sweater: LOFT | Skirt: I made it, similar | Shoes: Nine West via Ross, similar here and here | Earrings: Nicola Bathie JewelryΒ (They’re the earrings I bought for our wedding!) |

Matt loves (seriously — loves) taking terrible pictures of me and saying, “Behind the scenes!” Maybe I sneezed or fell or had to adjust my shoe … and he took delight in capturing it.

Of course, when he does this, it always makes me laugh. And then we end up getting some good pictures out of that. So I guess it works out. But today, I thought I’d share some behind the scenes commentary/insight from our photoshoots. πŸ™‚ For this one in particular …

If I’m laughing …

I probably just slipped or almost fell on the ice/snow/slush. It happened many times.

If my lips are puckered …

I’m probably supplying sound effects for my twirls.

I actually do my own sound effects a lot (which makes me think of this scene from The Emperor’s New Groove). Example: One time, Matt and I were killing time at the Apple Store, so we were both playing games on the display iPads. After probably 10 minutes Matt said to me, “You know, the game still works even if you don’t do your own sound effects.” But I didn’t even realize I was making noises. So that was embarrassing.

If I’m looking into the distance …

I’m probably checking to make sure no one’s about to walk into the picture. Apparently the Sunday morning after a big snow is a really popular time for people to go running on nature trails. (This makes no sense to me. Why not run somewhere where the snow has melted??)

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