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7 (Low-Key) Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day

7 low-key Valentine's Day ideas - with or without a significant other

I’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day a lot of ways over the years, and I’ve discovered that I don’t love the typical gifts/traditions (dinner reservations, boxes of chocolates, etc.). But there are a lot of fun ways to spend the holiday — with or without a significant other.

These are seven of my favorite (low-key) Valentine’s Day ideas! (And they’re all things I’ve done or had someone do for me.)

1. Print out cheesy Valentines for your coworkers | This Harry Potter set makes me laugh every time. One year, I also found some Valentines at Dollar Tree that folded into paper airplanes. They were a big hit.

2. Have a candle-lit pizza dinner | This is what Matt and I decided to do this year. I’m also planning to pull out china plates to really complete the experience.

3. Go to a movie | If you want something romantic, it won’t be hard to find. (I went to see The Vow one year on Valentine’s Day.) If you really don’t want something romantic, I, Tanya is fantastic. Or rent something from Redbox and watch it at home (with snacks, obviously).

4. Help a friend pull off a surprise for their significant other | My all-time favorite Valentine’s Day was when I helped my friend’s boyfriend plan a full day of events/surprises for her. It was like I got to be a little Christmas elf delivering gifts and putting up decorations.

5. Buy yourself flowers | If we’re being honest, I get way more joy from picking out my own flowers than from getting an arrangement sent to me. (I got the tulips in these pictures from Trader Joe’s.) And then they brighten up your home for the next week or so!

6. Try a new workout | Yes, this sounds weird. But. I discovered that the gym is relatively empty on Valentine’s Day (probably because most people have a very specific reservation time that they can’t miss). So use it as an opportunity! Figure out a new machine or try that brand-new elliptical that’s ALWAYS taken. And then treat yourself to take out. πŸ™‚

7. Leave a friend post-it notes | Write encouragements or puns or random song lyrics on post-it notes and stick them all over a friend’s apartment. Or a coworker’s desk. I’ve had two people do this for me, and I’ve done it for two people, and it’s ridiculously fun on both sides.

If you have any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them! Thanks for reading!

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