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Why I Started Sewing + The Resources I Use

Why I Learned to Sew + Resources I Use and Love // Hunting for Pink Flamingos

I’d had a moderate exposure to sewing throughout my life. My mom used to make her own clothes, and she always hemmed our pants and altered our clothes — especially during growth spurts. We also had a sewing unit during our exploratory rotation in 8th grade. (I made a blanket that I still use and love.) But I didn’t really start sewing until about three years ago.

I’d been low-key playing with the idea of learning to sew, and I officially decided to make it happen after I spent two hours at the mall looking for a plain black blouse. None of the stores had ones that I liked, and I felt like I had just wasted a bunch of time. And I decided that it was time for me to finally learn how to make clothes for real.

My first step was, of course, to buy a sewing machine (this one), but I also needed lessons. I remembered seeing a sign in JoAnn about classes, so I went to their website to look into that. It turns out that no JoAnns in my area had sewing classes — but they had a link to online classes through Craftsy.

So I looked around, bought a class (sadly, they don’t offer the one I chose anymore), and learned to sew!

Here are the main resources I’ve used. (Well, the ones that I liked.)

Sew Everything Workshop (book) | For learning to sew. I bought the class by the author of this book, and she walked us through how to make a pillow and a pencil skirt. The class isn’t currently available, but the book is!

Patternmaking Basics: The Skirt Sloper (online class) | For learning to draft skirt patterns.Β I’m not sure I’ve ever made a pattern the way the instructions told me to, and I realized that it was easier in the long run to just make my own patterns.

Patternmaking Basics: The Bodice Sloper (online class) | For learning to draft shirt patterns. (Significantly more complicated than skirt patterns!)

Patternmaking + Design: Creative Necklines (online class) | For making shirt and dress patterns.

Also, my mom has a subscription toΒ Creativebug, and she’s found some interesting classes that way!

I’m also a big fan of user’s manuals and Google. When I got my machine, I started with the setup DVD, which was very helpful. And anytime I’m stuck on how to do something, I just Google it. πŸ™‚

My favorite sewing references // Beginning Sewing // Hunting for Pink Flamingos

You can see some of the clothes I’ve made here. Thanks for reading!

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