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A Splash of Sherry

A Splash of Sherry // January 2018 // Hunting for Pink Flamingos

First, the intro.

When I was brainstorming blog names, Matt suggested A Splash of Sherry. It’s his last name (and now my last name), and the idea was that it would be a little bit of me.

Of course, that wasn’t the name I ultimately chose. But did think it would be a good name for a series — and today is the first post in that series! Every month or so, Matt and I will answer a random question (or two or three) just for fun. Basically, it’s a little bit of us.

For the first few posts, we took cards from the game Loaded Questions and answered the questions. We were trying to kill time on a car trip, so we did quite a few. πŸ™‚ I just used Matt’s phone to record our answers (apparently I deleted voice memos from my phone — probably to free up precious space), and transcribed our actual conversations once we got home.

Here’s the first question!

What would be an original, physically painless form of torture?

Naomi: Probably something like making people listen to Rihanna.

Matt: But that’s physically painful.

I think you should make someone grade papers. It’s very torturous.

Or make them listen to the same children’s song over and over. “The Wheels on the Bus”? Or Moana?

N: Making someone buy a car! That would be terrible.

M: No, just make them sit in a waiting room. For an average amount of time. So like 3 hours.

N: And they’d only have 2 magazines! One is just a local publication and the other one is decent.

M: Oh, what’s that magazine you want? Twist?

N: Threads??

M: That one! That would be torture.


  1. Madre

    This is amusing! I look forward to the rest of the series.

    11 . Jan . 2018
    • Naomi

      We also MIGHT be willing to answer random questions people submit. Maybe. πŸ™‚

      12 . Jan . 2018

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