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New Orleans Photo Diary

New Orleans Photo Diary // Hunting for Pink Flamingos

Other title considered: Naomi in NOLA

Over MLK weekend, I went to New Orleans for a bachelorette party — and I took about a thousand pictures. So I thought that I’d share them today!

Seen in New Orleans Visiting NOLA // Scenes from the French Quarter

Some of my favorite parts:

We were there when the Saints played for a spot in the NFC Championship, so we obviously watched the game. We saw the first half in a bar, and we saw the end from the restaurant where we ate dinner. And every person who worked at the restaurant wasΒ glued to the TV. They were also all wearing Saints gear, and their reactions (when the Saints took the lead; when the Vikings won at the last second) were excellent.

We were at Bourbon Bandstand one night, and there was a live band playing covers. When they played “Lose Yourself” I swear that every person in the bar started singing and dancing. I’ve never seen so many college guys so intense about their dancing.

We saw the very end of a second line. To be fair, I really only knew what it was because of this post, but I was so excited when I realized what was happening! Of course the band stopped playing about a minute after we got outside. Typical.

Royal House // New Orleans Colorful NOLA // Scenes from the French Quarter NOLA // Photo Diary

It was pretty cold when we were there (highs in the 40s), so we didn’t spend a whole lot of time outside. But we did do a decent amount of exploring!

I’m also pretty sure that we never actually ate at the first restaurant we went to. It would either have an hour wait or require reservations on that specific day or be way more expensive than we thought. Yelp became a very good friend of ours. πŸ™‚

Some of the places we went:

Oceana | They have a variety of foods. I got a shrimp po boy and it was delicious — it even had coleslaw right on the sandwich.

Royal House | We were on our way to a different restaurant, but when we walked past Royal House, the guy outside said, “Come on in! We can seat all y’all.” So we were like, “Let’s look at a menu!”

Felix’sΒ | This is where we watched the end of the Saints’ game. I got seafood gumbo that was good, but I was mostly interested in the game/people watching. πŸ™‚

Bourbon Bandstand | We actually went here twice. Once to watch the Saints play and once at night. We were fans both times.

French Market | I went all three days that I was in NOLA. We tried several of the food places, and I also bought a winter hat here! (I was very, very excited about that hat. It was cold!)

Cafe Beignet | I spent at least two hours at the Bourbon Street Cafe Beignet when I was exploring on my own. I just sat outside, ate my beignets, listened to live music, and read my book.

B.B. King’s | My favorite part was the tambourine player in the band that was playing. He was this big guy who was so serious about playing his tambourine. He didn’t smile or even really move — he just banged the tambourine into his hand. It was excellent.

NOLA Old School Street Signs French Quarter, New Orleans Touristy Spots // New Orleans, Louisiana Crawfish Beignet // French Market // NOLA

This was the very first thing I ate in the city: crawfish beignets. (For the record, the sweet ones are better.)

When In NOLA // Photo Diary // Hunting for Pink Flamingos Walking the Streets of New Orleans Mardi Gras Masks // New Orleans NOLA // French Quarter Chateau LeMoyne // French Quarter, New Orleans

This is the hotel where we stayed: Chateau LeMoyne. It’s technically a Holiday Inn, but it’s the fanciest Holiday Inn I’ve ever stayed in. And the picture below is the pool that we (tragically) didn’t get to use.

Heated Pool at Chateau LeMoyne When in NOLA // Photo Diary on Hunting for Pink Flamingos NOLA Street Signs Photo Diary // New Orleans, Louisiana // Hunting for Pink Flamingos The Streets of New Orleans The Colors of New Orleans // Hunting for Pink Flamingos NOLA Photo Diary // Hunting for Pink Flamingos

I asked the hot dog cart guy to get his shoe in the picture, too. When I explained the picture to Matt he said, “What is wrong with you??” So I guess he’s not a fan of making friends with strangers.

French Market // New Orleans Cafe Beignet at Musical Legends Park // Where to Go in New Orleans, Louisiana Photo Diary // New Orleans Bourbon Street at Twilight // NOLA

This last one is Bourbon Street right at twilight, and it’s easily my favorite picture from the trip.

Thanks for reading!

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