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Put Some Leopard On It

Wool skirt + Sweater + Scarf // Winter work outfit

When I was a kid, I had a TON of dresses and skirts in my closet. I remember being in first grade and deciding that I was going to go through and wear all of them to school.

I also remember being so sad when I got to the last skirt/shirt combo because it wasn’t cute. But I still wore it to school because I’d decided to wear ALL of them. And you’ve gotta stick to your guns.

So it probably isn’t surprising that as an adult, my closet has a lot of dresses and skirts. And I don’t let little details like winter weather stop me from wearing them.

What to Wear this Winter // Work outfits on Hunting for Pink Flamingos

However. To “winterize” my outfits, I usually throw on black tights (or black leggings) and black shoes … and more of then than not, I also wear a black sweater. So I end up with this really monochromatic outfit with a little pop of color for the skirt.

Most of the time I’m inΒ  a hurry, so I say “whatever” and walk out the door. But lately, it’s been COLD. Which means that I’ve been looking for extra layers wherever I can get them. And I realized that adding a scarf adds in a little more colorΒ andΒ it keeps me warm. (Yes, this IS obvious, isn’t it? I’m not good with mornings, ok?)

Dark red wool skirt Winter Outfits // Black base with colorful skirt and scarf Leopard Print Scarf // Winter Outfits // Hunting for Pink Flamingos Wool skirt + OTK boots How to layer without looking bulky // Winter Outfit Ideas on Hunting for Pink Flamingos

| Sweater: LOFT, similar here and here | Skirt: LOFT, similar | Scarf: similar | Tights: Walmart | Boots: JCPenney |

Speaking of being warm (or not) … our heat broke over the weekend! Exciting, right? And of course it happened at 8 pm on Friday night. It started out as the apartment getting way too warm — like 10 degrees above where it was set — and then just stopped working completely. So the maintenance guy came over to make sure I wouldn’t die from the heater exploding or something. And then he came early the next morning to fix it for real.

I have never appreciated heat so much in my life. I also started to think about rearranging our apartment so that our couch is by the fireplace. Just in case. πŸ™‚

I hope that you’re staying warm! And thanks for reading!

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