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Apparently I Wear Flannel Now

Wearing Flannel // Winter Outfits // Hunting for Pink Flamingos

When Matt and I were in Iowa over Christmas, it was cold. Like, highs in the single digits cold. (Though that was only one day. Maybe two.) We’re really not used to that level of cold, so there were some definite pros and cons to the situation.

The Pros: We had a white Christmas! And we got to see it snow twice.

The Cons: We weren’t quite prepared for the temperatures. It was 70 degrees the day we left Chapel Hill, so there was a 50 degree drop over the course of our plane trip. And neither of us brought snow boots.

The freezing cold really made me appreciate warm clothes like sweaters and snow boots and this flannel shirt I got for Christmas. Especially when the heat in my mom’s car stopped working for no reason. My toes have never been so cold.

Lands' End Flannel Shirt

I actually wanted to take these pictures in the snow in Iowa, but since it was so cold, I decided to just wait until we got home. πŸ™‚

Plaid flannel top + Jeans + OTK boots Winter Outfit Ideas // Wearing Flannel // Hunting for Pink Flamingos Black Over the Knee Boots Glamming up a flannel shirt // Hunting for Pink Flamingos Flannel Shirt + Statement Necklace

| Shirt: Lands’ End, similar | Jeans: LOFT | Boots: JCPenney | Necklace: similar here and here |

I’m relatively positive that I’ve never worn flannel before in my life. And I’m also pretty sure that I’ve never wanted to. But I might be a flannel convert now. I’m a sucker for anything warm and cozy, and it’s not unusual for me to wear an outfit with three layers.

For example: One day at work, a guy was talking about how hot he was in his long sleeved shirt. I was like, that’s a joke. I was wearing a thermal, a button down, a sweater, and a vest. And I was not hot.

And now, I’ve started wearing turtlenecks (which I always hated)Β and I bought a flannel shirt. What’s next??

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!!

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