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Our Favorite Christmas Movies

Our favorite Christmas movies // Hunting for Pink Flamingos

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This year especially, I’ve been really into watching Christmas movies.

Of course, I still haven’t set up our leaf, which means that I’m limited to the movies on Netflix. And let’s be honest, their selection this year is a B+ at best. (Though they did just add all three Santa Clauses!)

I’ve decided that I probably need to just buy a few Christmas movies to have on hand, so started thinking about the ones I’d really want to own. And then I asked my parents, my sister, and Matt for their picks.

Here’s the list of our favorite Christmas movies!

1. Charlie Brown Christmas

2. Die Hard – Matt insists that it is a Christmas movie because it takes place on Christmas Eve. Whatever.

3. Elf

4. The Family Stone

5. How The Grinch Stole Christmas – “The human version,” as Hannah put it.

6. Home Alone

7. Just Friends

8. Lars and the Real Girl – I know this isn’t actually a Christmas movie, but I always seem to watch it at Christmas. So I’m counting it.

9. Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol

10. The Santa Clause

11. While You Were Sleeping

I’ve also watched Christmas With the Kranks more times than I’m proud of.

Now I just have to decide which ones to buy on DVD (slash put on my Christmas list). Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. You can see my Christmas playlist here and our Christmas traditions here.



  1. Ramona Meester

    No predictable Hallmark Christmas specials???

    18 . Dec . 2017
    • Naomi

      I was surprised Hannah didn’t add any to the list!

      19 . Dec . 2017
  2. Selina

    No Love Actually?

    20 . Dec . 2017
    • Naomi

      No! None of us put it in our top 3! I was actually pretty surprised, too.

      20 . Dec . 2017

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