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Leopard Print Coat

Cozy, warm outfit ideas for the winter // Hunting for Pink Flamingos

A few years ago, I saw a leopard print coat at Ross. I thought it was the cutest, but I couldn’t justify buying it — mostly because I couldn’t think of a single place I’d wear it. (A holiday party? Maybe?)

I now realize that was silly. WhereΒ can’t you wear a leopard print coat?

I’ve already worn this beauty to church and to the library. I also wore it to pick Matt up from his last final, and I felt like a Real Housewife of New Jersey (or anywhere, really) rolling up in my leopard print coat.

Target Style // A New Day Leopard Print Coat

I’ve been kind of bad this year about buying Christmas gifts for myself — instead of just sending the link to someone else to buy it for me. And this coat was one of those purchases. But in my defense, I had a gift card. So it was kind of like a really late birthday present to myself.

Black base + Leopard print coat A pop of leopard // Trendy outfit ideas for the winter // Hunting for Pink Flamingos Leopard Print Coat + Black Sweater + Leggings + OTK Boots Faux fur coat in leopard print What I'm Wearing This Winter // Hunting for Pink Flamingos Incorporating a Faux Fur Coat into Your Everyday Life Style ideas // Leopard print coat // Hunting for Pink Flamingos

| Coat: Target, similar | Sweater: LOFT, similar | Fleece-Lined Leggings: similar | Necklace: Walmart, similar | Boots: JCPenney |

On Monday, I talked about my family’s favorite Christmas movies, and today, I thought I’d share my “awards” for the Christmas movies I’d watched on Netflix so far this year. (Very important.)

Note: I’m excluding the “real” movies from the list (the 3 Santa Clauses, The Grinch, While You Were Sleeping).

Best Christmas/Halloween Mashup: The Spirit of Christmas (She falls in love with a ghost at a haunted inn.)

Most Realistic Plot: Naughty and Nice (An LA radio DJ is suspended and has to go to a sister station in a small town. And then he falls in love with the local morning DJ. It could actually happen.)

Best Repetitive Plot: 12 Dates of Christmas (She relives Christmas Eve over and over and goes on the same first date many times — maybe 12.)

Best for Fans of the Royal Family: A Christmas Prince (She goes to report on the party boy prince — and then falls in love with him.)

Best Awkward Elevator Encounter: A Christmas Kiss (As you might suspect, the kiss happens in an elevator.)

Most Obvious Product Placement: A Christmas Kiss II (Sponsored by Jared and The Leo Diamond. Apparently.)

Best Beauty and the BeastΒ Rip Off: Christmas Belle (They’re not even subtle about it.)

Most Obvious Plot Twist: A Holiday Engagement (Surprise! She falls in love with her fake fiance.)

Best Appearance by a Minor Office Character: Christmas Inheritance (Pete is one of the main characters.)

Also, apparently Haylie Duff had a small career as a Christmas movie star. She’s in three of these movies. (Matt actually wanted me to rank each movie from 1 to 5 Haylie Duffs.) I think Naughty and Nice was her best movie, and I also really liked Christmas Inheritance and The Spirit of Christmas (which don’t have Haylie Duff).

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