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Gift Guide | Under $25

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No matter who I’m shopping for, inexpensive items are a win. So I’ve compiled a bunch of gift ideas under $25 — and with Christmas sales, you may be able to get them for even less! A lot of these are fun or silly (note the three llama items), and I stand by that. Gift giving should be fun!

1. Cat Sleep Mask ($10): I was thinking recently that I should’ve gotten a sleep mask back in college when I had roommates. It would’ve made life so much easier when one of us needed to stay up late to work. This one is especially cute since it has little cat ears.

2. Initial Mug (on sale for $5): Coffee mugs are such a cute and easy gift, and I reach for my cute mugs twice as often as I use my plain ones. If you’re looking for a simpler design, the classic monogram mug is also on sale for $5!

3. Cat Earmuffs ($16): They’re so cute!

4. Statement Necklace ($17): It’s difficult to have too many necklaces. Target always has tons of cute options, and I’ve been admiring the multi-strand options a lot lately.

5. Dragon Slippers ($15): I like to think of these as a new form of bunny slipper.

6. Candle ($10) — there’s also a smaller size for $5: You can never have too many, and I love the way this one smells. (I’m using it to enhance my fake Christmas tree experience.) However, just as an FYI, if you spill the hot wax on your carpet, it’s really hard to get out, and you might lose part of your deposit. Not that I’ve done that …

7. Disco Ball Cup ($16): It’s marketed as a New Year’s Eve cup, but I think it’s more of a “celebrate every day” cup. For example, it could be used for drinking orange juice in bed on a Saturday morning.

8. Initial Tassel Keychain ($20):  There’s also a star and moon version, just in case they’re sold out of your friend’s first and last initials.

9. Bracelet Stand ($7): This would be great for anyone who has a lot of bracelets. Target also has one for $25 that can be adjusted to use for necklaces, too.

10. Earrings ($13): The description for these earrings says, “The 5″ earring length lends drama.” I think that says it all. (They also have them in teal and gray.)

11. Llama Plate ($12): This plate has so many possibilities. You could use it for eating (duh) or as a cookie platter or as a jewelry holder or as a decoration for your living room … The options are endless.

12. Purse Pom Pom ($15): How cute would this be on someone’s purse? They also have pink and navy, so you could get one for your bestie and one for you.

13. Llama Dish Towel ($20): Practical gifts are always nice (and typically don’t require storage space — very crucial for apartment life), but there’s no reason that the dish towel you wrap can’t have a llama on it.

14. Llama Figurine ($20): I noticed these in Target this spring, and I think they’d be such a cute (and funny) housewarming gift for someone.

15. Wool Socks ($20 for a two pack): Socks have a reputation of being bad gifts (Harry Potter certainly wasn’t thrilled to get them from his aunt and uncle), but warm socks are so amazing. The ones I linked here would be great for everyday wear, and Target also has wool blend socks for hiking.

16. Luggage Tag ($24): Always a great gift for someone who travels a lot. (And this penguin is way better than the paper luggage tags you grab in the airport.)

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