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Treat Yo Self - What to Put On Your Christmas List This Year

When my mom asks me what I want for Christmas, I can come up with “money” … and that’s about it. But she always wants to have a physical gift for each of us, so I spend a while trying to think of something I want.

Lately, I’ve realized that the question I’m asking myself should be, “What do I only kind of need?” Because what I really want are things that are basically practical but also fun to receive. Kind of like Tom and Donna do on Treat Yo Self day.

So here are some items you can give to your parents (or grandparents or siblings) for your Christmas list. Or you can just buy them for yourself!

1. Welcome Mat ($48): How cute and funny is this one?

2. Oversized Sweater ($60): It’s the one I’m wearing in this post, and I’m obsessed with it. So cozy and warm.

3. Earrings ($160): These are the earrings I bought to wear at our wedding, and I’m still so happy with that splurge. They also come in a lot of similar colors and varieties, if white’s not your thing.

4. Bar Cart ($60): Apparently bar cars are kind of expensive. (Who knew? Not me.) But I found this one at Walmart, and I really like it. Plus, it’s a little smaller than most of the options I saw, which is especially great for apartments.

5. Leopard Print Coat ($60): Treat. Yo. Self. I just bought this one, which is already sold out, but the one here is pretty similar and also very cute.

6. Keurig ($100): I really had no desire for a Keurig (Matt talked me into it), but now that we have it, I love it. It really does make it really easy to make your coffee. And there’s (basically) no clean up.

7. Comforter ($150): When I graduated from college, I bought myself a down comforter (as a graduation present to myself). It lives up to every ounce of the hype.

8. Reusable K Cups ($12): I can’t recommend these enough. There’s basically no waste (you just dump out the grounds, rinse it out, and reuse it), you can use whatever coffee you want, and they’re so much cheaper than the regular K cups.

Thanks for reading!

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