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Better Than a Party Dress

Holiday party outfit ideas // Hunting for Pink Flamingos

We’re now officially in the time of the year when there are lots of parties to dress up for. Of course, that also means finding an outfit for every one of those events.

Any time I hear about a Christmas party, I start thinking about the cocktail dresses that I have in my closet. And I don’t have many. So if I’m going to an event with a new group of people, I can wear the black dress that I’ve worn to 15 other parties. But if not, I have to get creative.

What to Wear to Your Office Christmas Party

Lately, I’ve been wearing my tulle skirts to holiday events, and I think they’re even better than a classic cocktail dress for several reasons.

#1 – Changing the top changes the whole outfit. Which means I don’t have to buy new party clothes that I’ll barely wear.

#2 –  There are countless possibilities. You can wear short sleeves or long sleeves; a matching color or a contrasting color — you could even wear a form fitting cocktail dress with the skirt.

#3 – Tulle skirts just seem like they’re meant to wear to parties.

Blue tulle skirt // Winter party outfit ideas // Hunting for Pink Flamingos Floral button down + tulle skirt The best alternative to a cocktail dress Blue tulle skirt Button down + tulle skirt + pearl necklace // Hunting for Pink Flamingos

| Top: Old Navy, similar | Skirt: I made it | Necklace: Forever 21, similar | Heels: Nine West via Ross, similar here and here for $30 |

This skirt was the very first piece of clothing I made, and I didn’t exactly know a lot about sewing or fabric at the time. For example, I washed the fabric after I bought it, and then I put it in the dryer. And when I pulled it out, the tulle had melted together in places. Oops.

I still used the fabric, but it never truly lays flat since it’s covered in little melted areas. It also has four layers of tulle (my white tulle skirt just has two layers), so it’s big. And very noticeable. I wore it to a fundraiser gala, and I had several people come over to ask me about my skirt.

So if you’re into having conversations with strangers, that’s another perk of wearing a tulle skirt!

On an unrelated note, how pretty are the leaves in these pictures? I made the impromptu decision to take the pictures here just because they looked so gorgeous. I’m not really much of a fall girl (and yes, I 100% decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving), but changing leaves get me every time.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. You can also see how I styled a tulle skirt for summer and how I wore it to our winter engagement party. If you want to make your own, my tutorial is here!

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