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Work Wear: Two Ways

One swap - two looks | Easy work outfit ideas

When I had my summer internship in college, I challenged myself to not wear the same outfit twice. I figured it was only eight weeks, and I wanted to make sure that I had enough depth to my wardrobe to transition into a real job after graduation. (Of course, this whole “no repeats” thing lead to me wearing a cable knit sweater in mid-July. But in my defense, the building I was in was very heavily air conditioned.)

I also decided I was going to do “eight weeks, no repeats” (that turned into “ten weeks, no repeats”) a few winters ago. And that time, my mom threw in the extra challenge that I couldn’t buy any new clothes during that time either. So I could only work with what I already owned.

I thought it was pretty fun both times that I did it, but my #1 takeaway was that layering is key. And simple swaps like a vest or shoes are great ways to “cheat” and rewear outfits you really like. πŸ™‚

So today, I’m using that “cheating” mentality to style two office outfits — one more formal, one more casual — using a colored top and black pants.

Option 1 – With a Blazer

Gray blazer + purple top + black pants + black heels | What I wore to work

I first put this outfit together when I was helping with a work conference one weekend. When I asked people what I should wear, one person said that business casual was fine, and one person said that I should wear formal attire — and that she was going to wear a suit. #nothelpful So I finally decided to go for something in between: Black pants (classic), a colorful top, a gray blazer, and flats.

I decided to amp it up a bit the next time I wore it, so I added heels (and decided to take these pictures in heels). But the flats really did look nice, and they were very important for walking around a convention center all day. So that’s definitely something to consider.

You can see a similar work outfit here.

Old Navy Pixie Pants - my absolute favorite work pants! How to wear a gray blazer | Outfit ideas on Hunting for Pink Flamingos

|Blazer: New York & Company, similar | Top: Kohl’s, similar | Pants: Old Navy (They’re Pixie Pants and IΒ love them) | Heels: Nine West Outlet, similar here and here for $30 |

Option 2 – With a Faux Fur Vest

How to wear your fur vest to work

This is more the type of outfit I’d wear on a typical work day. I get cold really easily, so I like to have layers year round. And while I usually grab a cardigan, I think that some tops — like this one — look better with a faux fur vest.

This is also a great choice for a day when you’re going straight from work to dinner or an alumni event (or whatever). It’s definitely appropriate, but it’s also fun and doesn’t scream “I just came from work.” (But if that’s the vibe you’re going for, definitely choose option 1.)

As you might have noticed, I’m pretty in love with this vest. You can see other ways I’ve styled it here and here.

Black faux fur vest + purple top + black pants + black heels Winter Work Wear | What to wear to look nice and stay warm

| Top: Kohl’s, similar | Vest: I made it | Pants: Old Navy | Heels: Nine West Outlet, similar here and here for $30 |

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