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What to Wear to a Winter Wedding | Channeling Blair Waldorf

Navy tights + Nude heels

I jumped on the Gossip Girl train very late. Like, I watched the series for the first time two years ago. (The last episode aired in December of 2012.) Before that, I’d just seen a few episodes here and there, and (embarrassingly) one of the main things I remembered was that Blair wore yellow shoes with navy tights (like this) in one of the episodes I watched.

But I actually think it was a very helpful takeaway. Because when you’re going to a winter wedding or a company Christmas party, you want to wear a dress and look really nice, but you don’t want to be cold … or hot.

So my go-to formula is a cocktail dress, tights, heels, and a coat. When you’re outside, the coat and tights keep you warm(ish). When you’re inside, you can ditch the coat, and the tights are more like an accessory (since you’re probably not going to overheat from wearing tights).

I think that black heels and black tights are a classic combo, but that doesn’t work with every outfit. And that’s where Blair’s influence comes in. I went with nude heels instead of yellow heels (not that I actually have yellow heels … ), and I was pretty pleased with the overall look!

What to wear to a winter wedding | Hunting for Pink Flamingos

And yes, we did take the pictures here because it was the closest I could get to the Met steps. πŸ™‚

Mismatched tights and shoes | The Blair Waldorf look for winter Winter wedding outfit ideas on Hunting for Pink Flamingos Make a statement with your shoes Navy patterned colorblock dress Navy dress + Navy tights + Nude heels | Outfits that turn heads

| Dress: Target, similar here and here | Tights: Walmart | Shoes: Nine West via Ross, similar here and here for $30 | Necklace: Forever 21, similar | Sunglasses: Ray Ban |

I wore this outfit to a friend’s wedding a few years ago, and a couple of hours beforehand, I heard my friend’s sister tell her that she could NOT wear tights that didn’t match her shoes.

I was like, “Well, I’m still going to do it …”

Also, if you like watching shows with great outfits/costumes, I’ve been very pleased with the choices in The Carrie Diaries. And if we’re being honest, the hair styles and clothing were the only thing that got me through some of the episodes in Season 1.

But Season 2 isΒ great, and as I mentioned on Instagram last week, I had a lot of feelings about the end of Season 1 and beginning of Season 2. Matt got home one day, and I was like, here are the things that happened today and ALSO I am SO UPSET about these things that happened in The Carrie Diaries.

Clearly this is a very normal reaction to a TV show. (Ha.)

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