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Gift Guide | People Who Are Hard to Shop For

Gift Guide // People Who Are Hard to Shop For // Hunting for Pink Flamingos

Thanksgiving is Thursday (!!), so it’s time to start thinking about what to buy people for Christmas! And if we’re being honest, we all have at least one person who is super difficult to shop for. So this year, instead of waiting until the last minute to find them something (raise your hand if you’ve bought Christmas gifts on December 23rd … yeah, me too), start early!

I think a great strategy is to go generic. Buy them something pretty much anyone would like or something that you’d want multiples of anyway. Here are some ideas!

1. Silk Pillowcase ($21): They say that silk pillowcases are best for your hair and skin, and they’re also just really nice to lay on. Matt and I got a few of these for our wedding, and I love them.

2. A Cozy Blanket (on sale for $35): Even though it looks like it’s tweed, it’s actually made of really soft fleece. The one I’ve linked is from Vera Bradley, and it’s the softest/coziest blanket I’ve found.

3. YETI tumbler ($25): We got these as our work Christmas gift last year, and if we’re being honest, I thought they were kind of lame. But now I use mine all the time — especially in the winter. It really does keep your drink warm. This would be great for someone who loves coffee.

4. Vase ($28): This would be a great choice for anyone who likes to have fresh flowers or greenery around their house. Anthropologie has tons of gorgeous options.

5. Chenille Scarf ($39.50): Some people seem to think that if you have one scarf, you’re good to go. (Dad and Matt, I’m looking at you.) We of course, know that they’re wrong. And this one is SO soft and cozy.

6. Zippered jewelry box ($34.50): In case you can’t tell in the picture, the outside is velvet, and it zips closed. So it would be perfect for someone who travels a lot. 

7. Blanket Scarf (on sale for $16): The one I’ve linked to comes in 32 colors. And it can be worn in many cozy ways — including the four I show here. (The pattern I own is 4th from the left on the top row.)

8. Robe ($25): This is one of the few items on the list that wouldn’t be described as cozy. But I have one almost identical to this one, and I love it. It’s lighter weight, so it’s still wearable in the summer, and I throw it on after my shower all year long. There’s also a Hotel Spa robe (on sale for $25.50) that looks pretty amazing. So that’s another option!

9. Athletic clothes | Top ($17), Bottoms ($33): Do you know anyone who says, “I have too many cute workout clothes?” No. And if that person works out a lot or has a New Year’s resolution to go to the gym, cute clothes are always appreciated. When it comes to quality clothes at good prices, I think Old Navy is the best. (Plus, they have great sales — so these clothes will be even cheaper on Black Friday.)

10. A Cookbook ($17): The one I linked here is a baking cookbook by Martha from The Great British Baking Show (which we all know that I LOVE). I also use Simply in Season a lot (recipes are divided by what’s in season), and when I was learning how to cook, College Vegetarian Cooking was my go-to. Great for someone who cooks or bakes a lot or for someone who just graduated from college.

11. Slippers ($23): Does anyone not want warm feet? Obviously you’ll need to know the person’s shoe size, but that’s easy enough to ask about. And if you’re looking for slippers that are more like house shoes, I’ve been eyeing these at Land’s End.

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