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Look Trendy, Stay Comfy

Easy, comfortable fall outfit ideas on Hunting for Pink Flamingos

I think we all have days when we just want to stay in our pajamas (or bathrobe) all day long. And the idea of putting on “real” clothes is literally the worst.

However, I’ve found that there are a few outfits that come pretty close to lounge clothes, and they actually look nice. So on “I want to stay in my pjs and watch Netflix” days, I pull one of them out!

Recently, my favorite has been a tunic and leggings. Especially since leggings are my #1 choice for fall and winter lounge wear. And since tunics are long, you can get away with wearing leggings as pants outside of the house! Which is always the goal. (Let’s be honest, I wear leggings as pants to the grocery store all the time. But I just pretend that people think I was working out.)

Tunic + leggings + riding boots | The fall outfit that makes you feel like you're wearing lounge clothes Old Navy side slit tunic Leggings + Boots | The classic fall look Franco Sarto wide calf riding boots

| Tunic: Old Navy, similar with a lace-up front | Leggings: similar | Boots: Franco Sarto via Ross, similar |

I was going through the archives recently, and I found this gem where I talk about my “day of the week pants” from elementary school. Clearly I cared a lot about comfort back then, because four of the five pairs of pants were sweat pants.

It also makes me wonder exactly how good my matching skills were back then. I mean, green sweat pants don’t go with just anything …

If we use my first grade softball pictures as a guide (maroon shirt, bright purple and blue shorts), there were probably some really interesting outfits.

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