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Statement Pieces ft. The Bird Shirt

Statement top + jeans + heels

This shirt is one of my all-time favorite purchases. And part of the reason I love it is that it’s so unique. Β Both because you don’t find many shirts with this color combination and because you don’t find many bird shirts that would be described as “cute.” (I mean, most of the time, I think of bird shirts looking like this … or this. )

I feel like a lot of the time, people just look for the classic staples — a white shirt, a black turtleneck, etc. — and I have those pieces, too. It’s nice to have something that you could wear twice in one week without it being obvious that you’re an outfit repeater. (For example, I only have two pairs of jeans, and I make sure they’re relatively neutral-looking. Because people see them a LOT.)

But there’s also something to be said for statement pieces. IΒ loveΒ planning outfits with this shirt. And I just get happy every time I put it on. That doesn’t really happen with my plain black tee … no matter how comfortable it is.

So even if you can only wear it once a month, I say that you should buy that statement piece! It’ll be worth it.

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| Shirt: LOFT, cute options below | Jeans: LOFT | Shoes: Nine West via Ross,Β similar here |

I’ve been having fun discovering all of the murals around Chapel Hill/Carrboro, and this one really stood out to me because it’s a Greek pot! A broken Greek pot, at that.

I expected Matt to be excited about it — after all, he’s getting his Ph.D. in Classics — but he pretty much said, “Oh. Cool,” and moved on with his life. #eyeroll

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If you’re looking for a statement top …

Five adorable statement tops

| #1 – Francesca’s | #2 – LOFT | #3 – Francesca’s | #4 – LOFT | #5 – Francesca’s |

(See a pattern here?)

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