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Seersucker After Labor Day

Wearing Seersucker After Labor Day - I'm all for it!

Matt and I have had a couple of debates about whether seersucker is included in the “no white after Labor Day” rule. After all, seersuckerΒ isΒ a summer fabric.

However, I 100% ignore the rule about putting away your whites, so even if seersucker is included, I’m going to ignore that part, too. I think it looks great in all seasons (you can see how I styled it in the winter here), and I plan to wear it all year.

Navy Top + Teal Necklace + Seersucker Skirt

I bought this skirt from J. Crew back when I was a college intern. I remember trying it on and telling my friend that I had no idea what I’d wear it with. She convinced me that there were lots of ways to wear it, and she was right.

I think a navy top is the most classic way to go, but I also like to throw in something extra, like this teal necklace. As you may have noticed, I like to go for the unexpected, and the necklace checks that box.

An easy, unique outfit to wear to work The J.Crew Pencil Skirt in Seersucker Dressing up a basic look with a statement necklace What to Wear to Work Nude heels go with everything! Example: Seersucker skirt with navy top and teal necklace

| Shirt: I made it (Simplicity pattern, JoAnn fabric) | Skirt: J. Crew, similar | Shoes: Nine West via Ross, similar here and here for $30 | Necklace: Forever 21, similar — I also think this style is super cute |

As I was looking through these pictures, there was one where I was giving Matt a really annoyed look. I decided that if that picture had a caption, it would be “Are we out of the woods yet?”

Of course, thatΒ obviously got me thinking about Taylor Swift, and, you know, “Out of the Woods”. I can’t even tell you how excited I am for her new album. In fact, I’ve already started making plans to go to Target before work on November 10 to get the CD.

1989 came out a few days before Matt took the GRE, so while he was out taking the test, I taped Taylor Swift lyrics all over his apartment. (Because Matt loves Taylor just as much, if not more than I do.) For example, “Why’d you have to go and lock me out?” over the deadbolt and “I know places we won’t be found” in the laundry hamper he literally NEVER used.

I’ll have to find another fun way to celebrate this one. πŸ™‚

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  1. Ramona Meester

    You’re such a rebel! 😊

    07 . Sep . 2017
    • Naomi

      Haha very much so! πŸ™‚

      07 . Sep . 2017

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