Wedding / September 5, 2017

Our Wedding

Our wedding day! Matt and Naomi Sherry

The post you’ve all been waiting for is finally here!

It’s really only been two months since our wedding (July 1), but it feels like it’s been forever. (Hello two vacations and a move across states. Oh and a ton of paperwork to change my name.) And though the day wasn’t exactly a blur like a lot of people said it would be, I do wish I’d written down more things right after the wedding so that I’d remember them.

I think I’ve remembered a good amount of the day, though. So here are the answers to my most frequently asked questions! (And plenty of pictures.)

How was it??

It was good! I was 1,000% over wedding planning and unsolicited opinions at that point, but the day really was a lot of fun. Plus, we hired people to take care of day-of details so we could just relax and talk to people!

Our Wedding | Hunting for Pink Flamingos

Did anything go wrong?

After “How was your wedding?” this seems to be the most frequently asked question. So …

Our hair and makeup appointments went over by 30 minutes, which meant that we didn’t get to the venue until 10:05 am. And the wedding was at 10:30 am. However, we made a game plan in the car for getting to the bridal suite with minimal disruptions, and Patrick (the best man) told me that I walked in like Britney Spears with her posse. So that was funny.

N+M | The bridal party

What went right?

Pretty much everything else. Or if it didn’t, someone else handled it before I even heard about it.

N+M wedding day | The groomsmen

What were your favorite moments from the day?

Walking down the aisle. It was a fairly small room, so I really felt like I was walking right through a crowd of our family and friends. And since I didn’t know where anyone was sitting, it was always a surprise to see who was next. It was cool.

During Hannah and Ashley’s joint roast (yep, they used their toast to roast me), Hannah said, “I would say that Naomi is powerful, but I think it’s more accurate to say NaomiΒ is power.”

Dancing!Β I love dancing at weddings anyway, and at this one, I knew pretty much everyone on the dance floor. So I would move around on the floor and dance with different groups, which was really fun.

At one point during the reception, Matt and I were chatting with people, and my friend MacKinsey walked over to my table, grabbed my mimosa, and handed it to me. She said, “I just thought you needed this.” I still crack up when I think about it.

The bridesmaids and I got our hair and makeup done at a place about 30 minutes away, so we all met in the hotel lobby and drove over together (in my mom’s Volvo station wagon — you know, the ones that look like this #stylish). Everyone was telling stories and talking about the more ridiculous conversations at the rehearsal dinner, and it was a great way to start the day.

N+M wedding day | The bridesmaids

Did you cry?

I got a little teary when we said our vows, but the only time I really cried was during the joint toast/roast when Ashley talked about how she didn’t transfer in college, largely because of me.

Our wedding day | The highlights

Were there any particularly funny stories?

Matt and I decided that I’d dance with my dad at the same time he danced with his mom (since it’s really not that interesting to just watch other people dance). My dad and I danced seriously for about 2 seconds, and then we started hamming it up. After a little while, my dad decided that we should call my mom up, and she gave us the dirtiest look when we started motioning to her. (Hilarious.)

Dad also told Matt to call his dad up, and it pretty much devolved from there. I was dancing with both of my parents in a circle, but Matt just stepped away and let his parents dance with each other. So then my dad jumped over and started dancing with Matt. Then our two dads switched places so Dad was dancing with Matt’s mom, Matt was dancing with his dad, and I was dancing with my mom. And then we kept switching.

The DJ finally invited everyone else to join us on the floor, but advised that they dance at their own risk. πŸ™‚

N + M - Married! Wedding day moments Our wedding | The bride's family Our wedding | The groom's family Wedding Day Highlight Reel | N+M | Washington DC Wedding 7.1.17 | N+M Wedding Day

Photos by Julie DiCarlo

Matt pointed out that the toasts at our reception were about us being mean (me) and smelly (him). I guess that’s what happens when your sister, best friend, and brother are given microphones …

Venue: The Inn at Brookeville Farms

Catering: The Inn at Brookeville Farms

Photography: Julie DiCarlo Photography

Hair/Makeup: Alison Harper & Company

DJ: Musical DJs

Dress: Bridal Elegance, altered/upcycled by me

Rings: Diamonds Direct (my engagement ring and Matt’s wedding ring) |Β Amazon (both of my wedding bands)

Flowers: Kelly Freshour

Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal in plum

Jewelry: Bridesmaid earrings —Β Francesca’sΒ | Bridesmaid bracelets —Β Francesca’sΒ | My earrings —Β Nicola Bathie DesignsΒ | My bracelet — a gift from my parents’ trip to Hawaii



  1. Gina

    1-When you all switched dance partners was hilarious/very memorable.

    2-You forgot about the amazing bathroomπŸ˜‰

    3-I didn’t know your parents went to Hawaii!

    05 . Sep . 2017
    • Naomi

      Ha, that’s so true! The fancy portable bathrooms were the talk of the town!

      And they went to Hawaii probably four years ago for a wedding. The bracelet is definitely the best souvenir they’ve ever gotten me! πŸ™‚

      05 . Sep . 2017
  2. Eva Watterson

    Love this! The photos are awesome, as well.

    05 . Sep . 2017
    • Naomi


      05 . Sep . 2017

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