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Life Lately

Life Lately - September 2017

You know those months when nothing seems to happen? That wasn’t September.

This month wasn’t nearly as eventful as say, July, but I bought my first car (my dad actually bought the one I’ve been driving for the past 7 years), did a bunch of work for changing my name,Β opened up new bank accounts, and went to my five-year college reunion. So basically, a lot of adulting.

I also went to Harry Potter trivia at the Chapel Hill Library. To balance it out. πŸ™‚


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Lord of Shadows. It’s really not a secret that I love Cassandra Clare‘s books, and this one is no exception. Wikipedia says that it’s book two of three, but the way things are going, book three is going to have to be really long to wrap up everything happening here. (Not that I’d mind that …)


Watching: The Good Place
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The Good Place. I’m pretty on the fence about whether I like it or not, but it’s getting better as the episodes go along.

I’m also finishing up Gilmore Girls (for the third time in three years). Oh, and Matt and I started the third season of Fuller House. So clearly I have a lot going on on the TV front.

Listening To

Listening To: Hamilton Soundtrack
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I’m driving a lot less these days, so I don’t have any audio booksΒ or podcasts I’m listening to. However, I have been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack while I’m at the gym.


Sewing: Wonder Woman Costume

I’ve had several projects in the works this month, including a dress for me (which I’m wearing in the picture with my car), a romper for my sister, and a Wonder Woman costume for my friend Gina.

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  1. Gina

    Ahhhhh!! I can’t wait to see my costume!!
    Also, I am watching Fuller House as well. Why are there only 9 episodes?!? 😭

    28 . Sep . 2017
    • Naomi

      There are only nine?? That’s lame! We’ve only made it through episode one haha — so we still have a ways to go!

      28 . Sep . 2017

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