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The Casual Skirt: A Closet Must-Have

black tee + patterned skirt

I looked for a long time for a skirt like this one. For a while, it seemed like I only had pencil skirts or maxi skirts, and neither one was quite right for a summer Saturday or even for a more causal day at work.

But finally, I found this gem in Francesca’s after-Christmas sales. Why it was on the racks in December I don’t know, but it was super cheap, and I bought it. And I could not be happier.

I take this skirt on a lot of trips, since it’s hard to know exactly what types of clothes you’ll need (or want) on vacation. It’s also great for those days when I don’t want to wear pants (usually because it’s a million degrees), and I’m not feeling inspired by my dress collection.

And since it stays hot well into September here, I’m planning to still get plenty of wear out of it this fall.

Casual Summer SkirtEasy summer look | solid tee + patterned skirt + cute sandalsTeal and purple patterned skirtSummer outfit idea: basic tee with a casual skirt and long necklaceCloset must-haves | A casual summer skirt

| Shirt: LOFT, similar here and here | Skirt: Francesca’s, similar here, here, and here | Necklace: Forever 21 | Shoes: Marshall’s, similar |

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty much counting down the hours to Labor Day weekend. The past two months have been so hectic, and I’m excited to have three whole days to sleep in, read by the pool, and watch Netflix.

I mean, if we’re being completely honest, that’s pretty much what I did this past weekend. But the holiday weekend means that I’ll have three days to do it instead of two.

I was remembering recently that when I first graduated from college, I hated having weekends with no plans. They felt so long, and I got really bored and lonely. And I even looked forward to going to work on Monday.

I can’t remember how long that lasted, but it was probably only about six or eight months. (Which didn’t feel short at the time.) By then, I’d made friends and found a Sunday yoga class (which was included with my gym membership — win) and generally fallen into a routine. And now, I LOVE weekends with no plans.

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