Wedding / August 24, 2017

The Saga of My Wedding Ring

Stacked wedding rings

Because, for some reason, I made the process of finding a wedding ring more difficult than necessary.

Part 1: The Engagement Ring

This story really starts way back in college.

One day, my friend Ashley decided that we should tell each other what engagement rings we’d want so that someday, we could help each other’s boyfriends pick out engagement rings.Β (Note: Neither one of the guys asked us for our help when they bought the engagement rings.)

I knew, even then, that I wanted a yellow gold band with one diamond. And that didn’t change. So I’d coached Matt on what I wanted. But when Matt and I started talking about getting engaged, I suggested that we go shopping together so I could pick out a couple of rings that I liked. (Why leave it to chance? And what if the sales guy tried to talk him into getting something hideous??)

When we got to the store, I told the sales guy what I was looking for. He walked over to the case, pulled out a solitaire setting, and said “This one is free if you buy a diamond.” Sold. From there, he pulled out a few diamonds, and I took maybe 30 minutes to pick my favorite.

Matt decided that since I’d already found the ring I wanted, he would just buy it with me there. Which he did. They told us when we could pick it up, and we left the store.

We were there less than an hour.

My engagement ring
The engagement ring I chose

Part 2: The Wedding Ring

From what I hear, this is the easy part for most people. They go to the store, the person says, “Look at this beautiful ring that matches your other ring!” They love it; they buy it; they go home.

That was not even close to what I did.

The store was super busy when Matt and I went in to find wedding bands, so we had some time to look at the cases ahead of time. And by the time the sales guy made it to us, Matt had already picked out his ring. I think he tried on about four rings total.

I, on the other hand, spent more than an hour trying on rings. I really wanted a unique wedding band, but apparently those are hard to come by. I probably tried 50 rings, and finally, I asked if they just had plain gold bands. They did, and since it was my favorite look of any of the ones I’d seen, I bought it.

However, when we got the rings back, I tried on my wedding band, and I said, “I don’t like it.” So I returned it.

A few weeks later I went back to the store (by myself) to try on more rings. And the ones they showed me that time were even worse than the first lot I’d tried.

I heard a commercial on the radio for a store that was having a big diamond sale, so Matt and I went to check it out. However, they didn’t have a single unique wedding band in their display cases, so we left without ever talking to an employee.

From there, I did hours of research on Pinterest and the internet in general. I found a few unique ones that I liked (I’m still obsessed with this ring), but I didn’t want to buy something I hadn’t tried on.

In the end, I decided that I would buy two cheap rings from Amazon — one plain gold band, and one gold band with diamonds around the front — and I’d either wear them both or return the one I didn’t like.

As you can see in the first picture in this post, I decided to wear them both. And, at least for now, I’m happy with that decision.

Ring dish

| Ring dish: Magic Markings Art (gift from Ashley Millhouse)| Engagement ring: Diamonds Direct | Plain wedding band: Amazon | Diamond wedding band: Amazon | Matt’s wedding ring: Diamonds Direct |

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