DIY / August 17, 2017

DIY Tassels

Lately, it seems like tassels are popping up everywhere — baskets, blankets, pillows, dresses … even chandeliers!

In other words, it’s not really hard to find tassels if you want to incorporate them into your house or closet. But I just moved, which means that I recently realized exactly how muchΒ stuff I have. So I’m in a “bring NOTHING more into this house” mentality. Instead, I decided that I should just make some tassels to add to things I already have.

I bought some embroidery floss at JoAnn (though you could also get it at Target or Amazon or Walmart or a million other places), and I got to work. And it’s really pretty simple!


  • Embroidery floss (I got these colors for $0.52 each at JoAnn)
  • Scissors
  • Something to wrap the floss around (I used an index card)

DIY tassels | Materials


  1. Determine how big you want your tassels to be (I chose 1.5″). Cut your index card to that height Β — but be sure to leave it nice and long so you can hold onto it easily!

DIY tassels | Step 1: cut an index card to your desired size

2. Grab your embroidery floss and lay the end flat against the index card. Hold it in place with your thumb, and start to wrap the floss around the index card.

DIY tassels | Step 2: Wrap the embroidery floss around the index card

3. Wrap until you reach the thickness you want. I just guessed every time, but you could count how many times you wrapped it around the card, if you want to be sure all of your tassels are identical. Once it reaches the correct size, cut the thread off at the bottom of the card.

DIY Tassels | Step 3: Wrap the embroidery floss many times and then cut off at the bottom

4. With the remaining embroidery floss, cut two pieces, roughly 3″ long. Slide piece #1 into the loop of embroidery floss, and bring it up to the top. This will be the string you hang/attach the tassel with.

DIY Tassels | Step 4: Slide a piece of thread into the space at the top of the loop

5. Slide the entire loop (carefully) off of the index card. Take piece #2 and wrap it tightly about 1/8 of the way down the loop. Wrap the piece around two or three times and then tie a double knot.

DIY Tassels | Step 5: Wrap a second piece of string around the loop

6. Cut through the loops at the bottom to create the finished tassel.

DIY Tassels | Step 6: Cut through the loops at the bottom

7. Repeat until you have as many tassels as you want!

DIY Tassels

I’m planning to use the ones I made to switch out the tassels on a tank I have (seen briefly in my sangria post), and from there, I’m thinking earrings like these. And possibly some additions to the baskets I have.

We’ll see what happens!

Thanks for reading!

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