Wedding / July 24, 2017

Our Honeymoon!


I have lots and lots of wedding-related content coming your way (including how I altered/upcycled my dress), but I thought that I would start with the simplest one first: Our honeymoon.

Where We Went

Hilton Head! Picking a honeymoon destination was actually one of the easiest parts of the wedding planning (partially because Matt was in charge). Matt’s family goes to Hilton Head (almost) every summer, so it’s a place where he’s really comfortable — which is what he wanted. It’s also a place I’d never been, it has condos with kitchens, and it’s relaxing — all things I wanted.


How We Got There

We drove. It was about 9 hours without traffic or stops, but after all of the craziness of the wedding, I thought it was super relaxing to just sit in the car for a while. Plus, we didn’t have to worry about getting to the airport at a certain time or packing everything into one suitcase.

Where We Stayed

Waterside Resort by Spinnaker. It was about four blocks from the beach, and it also had two pools. Plus, there were lots of quiet streets for me to practice riding a bike — because it doesn’t just come back to you like everyone says it does.


What We Did

In some ways, we did very little. But considering it was a vacation designed for relaxing (vs. doing or seeing), I actually think we did a decent amount. And for the most part, we tried to walk everywhere, which I thought was really fun.

Beach | As I mentioned above, we were only about four blocks from the beach, which made it an easy walk. We played around with the best time to go — ideally a time when the sun wasn’t too hot, it wasn’t too crowded, and the waves were excellent — and we got into a pretty good routine of going in the late afternoon for an hour or two. And for the most part, we’d spend the entire time in the water. In my opinion, Friday was the best day at the beach because the waves were really choppy, and we had a ton of fun body surfing.

Pool | The resort had two pools, and one of them was right outside of our building. So we spent a lot of time both in the water and reading in the pool chairs. We even went down in our street clothes a couple of times just to read in the lounge chairs.

Hot sauce tastingΒ at Hot Daddy’s | We were walking around the shopping center by the resort, and I saw a sign for hot sauce tastings at Hot Daddy’s. We obviously went in and tried a bunch, and even Matt (who has a very high tolerance for spicy stuff) admitted that the extra spicy sauces were a little bit beyond us. (We ultimately bought one hot sauce and one spicy barbecue sauce.)

Wine tasting at the Carolina Tasting Room | This was another sign we saw when we were walking around. The wines we tasted ended up being fruit wines, and neither of us were crazy about them. However, they had wine slushies that were really good.

Mini Golf at Pirate’s Island | Matt says that mini golf is a quintessential beach activity that is required for every beach trip. We went right after lunch one day, which was foolish (it was about 92 and super humid), but we did get our games for free since we were newlyweds. (See the story on that at the bottom of this post.) So that was cool!

Bike Riding | As I mentioned above, I can barely ride a bike, so we spent some time practicing on the quiet roads of the resort. I was feeling relatively confident by the last day, so I said that we should ride our bikes to dinner (since we didn’t have to cross any major roads). Of course, we had to get off of the bikes to find our way through a parking lot at one point, and then I had stage fright and could not get the bike going again. So I walked my bike the rest of the way to the restaurant. But I did bike all the way back!


| Swimsuit: Zaful | Sunglasses: Nora NYC | Hat: Beach shop, similar |


Where We Ate

For the most part, we stayed in and cooked, but we did go out a couple of times.

Aunt Chiladas | As you might guess, this was Mexican food. (And we went there on the 4th of July … Oops.) I decided to go all in and get the fajitas, and I was not sorry. Also, Matt kept forgetting the name and calling it Aunt Jemima’s, which cracked me up every time.

It’s Greek to Me | Matt and I are both big fans of Greek food, so we were pretty disappointed by how watered down (aka Americanized) the menu was. On the bright side, it was reasonably priced, and the fries were really good.

The Ice Cream Cone | Originally, I’d said that we should try all of the ice cream places within walking distance (at least four), but in the end, we only went to this one. But at least it was tasty!


| Cover up : Land’s End (sold out in this print, but you can find other prints here and here) | Hat: Beach shop, similar | Sunglasses: old, similar for $10 |



| Swimsuit: Zaful (for $14) | Sunglasses: Nora NYC |

Matt would also like me to mention an exchange that took place at the mini golf place.

Guy who worked there: Are you two newlyweds?
Me: Ummm, technically?
Guy: Well, how long have you been married?
Me: Six days. (Which was actually an over estimate.)

He assured me that six days did count as being newlyweds. πŸ™‚ And then we got our games for free.

Thanks for reading!

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