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Let’s Talk Personalities and Careers

Personalities and Careers

Over the past few months, I’ve spent a lot of time learning about (and analyzing the results of) personality inventories.

I’ve taken plenty of online Myers-Briggs tests over the years, and Matt recently showed me this super in-depth assessment of the 16 personalities, but I got really interested when I listened to this podcast about personality types. I was driving while I listened to it, and I had so much fun determining which categories Matt and I fell into based on her descriptions.

I actually saved the podcast on my phone to send to a friend, but before I got around to that, I happened to come across this excellent page that gives you career suggestions based on your Myers-Briggs personality type.

Of course, the page had a link to a free Myers-Briggs test, so I retook it. (Because the woman on the podcast did say that your type can change based on stress levels and such.) I’m usually an ENFJ, though I sometimes get ESFJ (and I use this Harry Potter infographic to help remember which ones I am). But when I took it then, I got ENTJ. And honestly, I think the ENTJ careers fit me a little better!

I think it’s really interesting to think about looking at careers based on your personality — opposed to your interests and aptitude — since your personality really can play a huge role in your job satisfaction.

For example, I had one job that was designed for introverts. And though I felt pretty competent at the job, I didn’t enjoy it, partially because I never interacted with people as part of my job. And for an extrovert like me, that matters!

Another interesting thing for me was realizing how differently people do their jobs based on their personalities. A few days after I listened to the podcast, I got a file from someone, and I was a little annoyed by how scattered all of the information in it seemed. And then I realized that the person was probably a P (and I am a hard core J) — so super strict organization didn’t matter to that person the way it mattered to me. And really, after I realized that, it was a lot easier to see their logic in arranging the information the way they did.

So if you find this as interesting as I do, I definitely recommend listening to this podcast and checking out the other resources here. And if you have any others, send them my way!


Listen to this podcast, take a Myers-Briggs test (here, here or here — or google it), read a ton about your type, look at which careers fit your personality best, and see which Harry Potter character you are.

Thanks for reading!

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