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Book Club: Beach Edition

Beach Reads 2017

I have so many favorite things about summer, but one of them is that I usually get a lot of time to read. I’m really looking forward to spending a week at the beach just reading and relaxing, but even in my typical day-to-day life, I try to make time every weekend (and during the week, too, if I can swing it) to go to the pool with my book.

If reading as many books as possibleΒ is also a summer goal of yours, here are a few books I recommend getting!

1. The Husband’s Secret, Liane Moriarty | If you’ve read (or watched) Big Little Lies, I thought this book was even better. It’s from the points of view of different women, and you’re trying to figure out what happened in the past – and how that will play out throughout the book.

2. Queen of Babble, Meg Cabot | This is my perfect beach read. It’s light, quick to read, and really entertaining. It’s also part one of a trilogy (Queen of Babble in the Big City and Queen of Babble Gets Hitched), which provides even more reading material.

3. Something Borrowed, Emily Giffin |Β I was pretty into this book already, and then I realized that the book might not end the way the movie did. And then I was addicted.

4. Born to Run, Christopher McDougall | The rare nonfiction book that I actually read. It’s about people who run ultras (which are typically 50-100 mile races – yes, for real), and the guy who writes it actually runs one at the end. This book may make you want to exercise, so if you’re just trying to relax, proceed with caution.

5. Master of the Game, Sidney Sheldon | In the beginning, I thought this book was super boring. But once I got past the initial setup (which honestly might have taken 100 pages or more – it’s a long book), it was amazing. Possibly one of the most engrossing books I’ve ever read (after that first part).

6. City of Bones, Cassandra Clare | I’ve mentioned Cassandra Clare’s books before, and if you haven’t read any of them, this is the one to start with. Her series all kind of overlap each other a bit, but since this was the first book she wrote, it’s the best introduction to the Shadowhunter world. (Also, it’s just excellent.)

7. The House of the Scorpion, Nancy Farmer | My mom had recommended this to me a bunch of times, but I didn’t read it until about two years ago. It’s a futuristic society book, but it takes a very different route than most of the ones that are popular right now. It’s won a bunch of awards, and it’s not hard to see why.

8. Blue Bloods, Melissa De La Cruz | It’s another “teen paranormal romance” book (as Matt is so fond of saying), but if you’re into that, you’ll love this one. This is also the first book in a series, which could keep you occupied for a while.

9. Gathering Blue, Lois Lowry | This is the second of Lois Lowry’s three books about the dysfunctional futuristic world (The Giver is the first; Messenger is the third), and it’s always been my favorite of the three. [It turns out that there are actually four books in this series – Son is the last one.]

If you’re looking for tried and true choices, I keepΒ the Harry Potter andΒ Twilight series on my Nook so that I can pick them up and put them down when I just need something to read for an hour or two (like on a flight).

You can find my other book recommendations here and here (and I definitely encourage everyone to read The Rook). And if you have recommendations for me, let me know! I’m always looking for new books.

Happy reading!


  1. Madre

    I really like some of Nancy Farmer’s other books too. Try: A Girl Named Disaster, The Sea Of Trolls and The Ear The Eye And The Arm

    11 . Jun . 2017
    • Naomi


      12 . Jun . 2017

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