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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide | Hunting for Pink Flamingos

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At our house, Mother’s Day is often a combination of several events. For example, back in 2008, Mother’s Day, my dad’s 50th birthday, and my high school graduation all fell on the same day. Which meant that my mom didn’t exactly get to relax. (#sorrymom)

But assuming that your mom gets May 14 all to herself this year, my sister (Hannah), her roommate (Lexi), and I came up with some gift ideas to treat your mom.

  1. Wide-brimmed hat. Help your mom to look stylish and keep her skin protected from the sun.
  2. Crafty stuff. Use your skills to make her something unique. If you knit, make her a scarf; if you’re a writer, try a poem; if you’re an artist, paint her a picture; etc.
  3. Magazine subscription. I’ve been getting my mom a Real Simple subscription for the past four years. This one is especially great if you live far away from your mom because you can just write “I got you a year of Real Simple!” in her card, and then your gift is delivered little by little over the next year!
  4. Bath salts. You could either get crafty and make your own (there are about a million Pinterest tutorials) or buy ones from a place like LUSH, or, surprisingly, Urban Outfitters.
  5. Potted plant. Having plants in the house is supposed to be good for your health,* and you probably want your mom to be healthy. Also, she’ll think of you whenever she waters the plant.
  6. Cook dinner. Get in touch with your inner Julia Child and make a dinner for your mom! If your mom is adventurous like mine is, this could be a good time to try that new recipe you’ve been considering.
  7. Handmade card. Your mom (probably) loves anything you make, so make her a card!
  8. Mother/daughter date. Pick a day (it doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day) to hang out one-on-one. Go to lunch, see a movie, get your nails done, take a walk, browse a craft fair – whatever you and your mom like to do together!
  9. Socks. As Albus Dumbledore said, “One can never have enough socks.” So there you have it.
  10. Candle. There are lots of aromatherapy candles these days for energy, stress relief, feeling calm, etc. Or you could just go for a classic scent, like lilac.
  11. Chore coupons. Give your mom coupons for doing the dishes, vacuuming, weeding the garden … whatever jobs she needs done. Or you could skip the coupons and just do all of those chores while she lounges around on Mother’s Day.
  12. Wildflowers. You could pick these yourself or buy them from a farmers’ market.

If you need inspiration on the poem front, here’s a real poem I wrote for my mom one year:

Dear Mom,
You are the bomb.
Thanks for skipping Hannah’s prom.

It was a huge hit. (And she actually did miss my sister’s prom to come to my mother/daughter weekend in college.)

Thanks for reading!

*I have no idea what the actual science behind this is. Probably something with oxygen/carbon dioxide levels. If I had to guess.


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    Great gift ideas! I have a Mothers Day Gift Guide too!

    01 . May . 2017
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      I love it!

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