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Little Navy Dress

Little Navy Dress

This dress is super cute, and we’ll get to that in a second, but first, I want to talk about avocado toast.

I hear a lot of people talking about avocado toast and how they order it every time they see it on a menu. And I just think, “What restaurants are you going to??” The only avocado toast I have is the stuff I make in my kitchen.

But on Easter, we went to brunch after church, and they had avocado toast on the menu! I’m not sure I’ve ever made my ordering decision so quickly. This particular toast had avocado (obviously), corn, and radishes. And it was so, so good.

Little Navy DressLittle Navy DressLittle Navy DressLittle Navy DressLittle Navy DressLittle Navy DressLittle Navy Dress

| Dress: Banana Republic Factory | Shoes: Nine West via Burlington, similar|

Back to the dress. It was one of those pieces that I saw and grabbed immediately. I thought the beading was so cute, and I loved that the neckline was interesting without being revealing.

I’m also all about pieces that can be dressed up or down. Because the reality is that I go to work way more than I go to fancy parties or weddings (sadly), so most of my closet is intended for work. And really, it would only take a cardigan to make this dress into a work outfit. It’s also a dress that will be great forΒ events. Date nights, weddings, engagement parties … maybe even Sister’s graduation this weekend!

Basically, the options are endless.

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