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About Us (According to Our Wedding Website)

About Us

As many of you know, part of my day job involves writing copy for web pages. So when it came to Matt and myΒ wedding website, I was a little picky about the content.

I knew we needed the basics (where the wedding was, where the hotel block was, where we were registered), but I also wanted it to be a fun thing for people to look at. So I convinced Matt that we should forgo the traditional “about us” template (where we’re from, how we met, etc.) and instead answer both practical and fun questions about the other person. Here’s what we said:

Matt (according to Naomi)

Hometown: Brookeville, MD, population 134 (wikipedia verified)

College: Wake Forest University

Favorite Beverage: Coke

First Job: Teaching high school and middle school Latin (plus a 7th grade required language exploratory that ate his soul)

Current Job: Student

Hobbies: Overachieving on his homework, playing video games, binge-watching Netflix

His true love is: His plants

What he wore on our first date: Jeans. And tennis shoes. And also a green and blue polo (like this one) that I later found out was his favorite. Oh, and a rain coat.

Naomi (according to Matt)

Hometown: Lenox, IA

College: Wake Forest University

Favorite Beverage: Water

First Job: (Job 1) Copywriter at Royall & Company

Current Job: (Job 4)Β Copywriter at Royall & Company. Don’t ask about jobs 2 and 3.

Hobbies: Sewing, resewing, being inΒ pictures, cooking vegetables

Her true love is: Her blog

What she wore on our first date: A dress … I think. No raincoat, even though it was raining.


How we met: At Wake Forest. We were both in the Classics Honor Society, and we both became officers in said honor society. Matt also tutored Naomi in Latin, and that’s when we actually started dating.

Where we went on our first date: Fourth Street Filling Station

About Us | Hunting for Pink Flamingos
The first picture we ever took together. Presh.

Thanks for reading!

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