Travel / March 23, 2017

Visiting Nashville

Hard Rock Cafe Nashville

Two weeks ago, my mom’s family went to Nashville. We were there for my grandpa’s funeral, and since that was a not-so-fun reason to take a trip, I decided to fly in about 12 hours before the rest of the family to do some fun sightseeing!

Matt came with me, and I feel like we got a lot covered in a day. (Plus another couple of outings throughout the weekend — including an impromptu meetup with one of my college friends!) We had a general plan of what we wanted to do/see and played it by ear from there. Which was really enjoyable.

Visiting Nashville | What we did, saw, and ate
Nashville pedestrian bridge
Views on the Nashville pedestrian bridge
Our day of sight seeing in Nashville

What We Saw

Pedestrian Bridge: Contrary to what the website says, it’s actually not that huge. We walked it (down and back) in about 20 minutes. And that meant that we got to go to lunch earlier!

Downtown: The SEC basketball tournament was in town, so we just went for a couple of hours in the afternoon. We mostly walked around, had lunch, and took a few pictures. It was very different than the night scene in the area, but it was still lots of fun.

12 South: We mostly went here because I wanted to go to Las Paletas, but it’s also where the famous murals are. Oh, and a lot of restaurants.

The Nashville Parthenon: This was the #1 item on our list since I was a Classics major and Matt was a Latin major. Plus, Matt hasn’t seen the real deal in Athens, so he was especially excited.

The Factory at Franklin: This was my friend Alyssa’s suggestion, and it was so cute! There were a bunch of shops and coffee shops/bakeries, and we spent several hours wandering around with her.

We’d also planned to go to Cheekwood, but the weather was weird (it snowed the day we were planning to go), so we skipped it.

I Believe in Nashville mural
12 South murals in Nashville
Day trip to Nashville - restaurants
Hard Rock Cafe Mural | Nashville, TN

Where We Ate

Jack’s Bar-B-Que: I’d gone here one other time with friends, and I insisted that we go back. It’s just barbecue sandwiches and sides, but it’s so, so good.

Burger Up: We had an early dinner here (I think we walked in right at 6:00), and we were both impressed by how many people were already in there. As you might expect, the menu was mostly burgers, and we were both stuffed when we left.

Las Paletas: As I mentioned above, I really wanted to go here. Mostly because popsicles are delicious.

Jeni’s: There was a Jeni’s truck in The Factory at Franklin, and it was AMAZING. Three of us split a large (four scoops), and all of the flavors were delicious. (My favorite was definitely lemon buttermilk.) I also might have added a Jeni’s cookbook to our wedding registry …

The Nashville Parthenon
Must See: The Nashville Parthenon
Statue of Athena Nike at the Nashville Parthenon
The Factories at Franklin

P.S. You’ll notice that we’re not really country music fans. Though we did go to the free part of the Country Music Hall of Fame to see if Taylor Swift was mentioned. She wasn’t. 🙁


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