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Upcycling My Mom Jeans

How I upcycled my mom jeans

I should start by saying that I’m terrible at online shopping. Like, I probably have a 20% success rate when it comes to buying clothes that actually fit and look good. Yet, for some reason, I keep doing it. (Ok, I know why – it’s because it’s convenient.)

I also very much dislike jean shopping, and last year, I got to the point where I had zero pairs of hole-free blue jeans. So I decided it would be a great idea to buy a new pair online.

That was not a great decision.

As soon as I got the jeans and put them on, I said, “I think these are mom jeans.” They were a weird color, and they were “classic skinny jeans,” which aren’t my favorite. But Matt convinced me that they looked fine, and I really did need jeans, so I kept them.

But of course, as soon as I bought a pair of jeans in person, I stopped wearing the first pair. Entirely. Which means they’ve just been sitting in my closet for at least six months.

So I decided to get creative and upcycle them!

Before and After | Upcycled jeans

As you can see, the difference isn’t huge. The legs just fit better, and the pants are actually the right length. (You’ll also notice that I’m wearing the same outfit both times so that you get an accurate picture of what changed. Unlike those before/after ads when the person changes their outfit and wears a lot more makeup the second time around.)

This was actually one of the easier projects I’ve done lately. The waist/hips/butt fit ok, so I just needed to change the fit of the legs and rehem them.

I turned the jeans inside out, put them on, and grabbed a pin cushion. Then I pinched the extra fabric and pinned along my leg until they became skinny jeans. And then I just sewed along the line of pins and cut off the extra fabric at the bottom. And hemmed them, of course.

Voila! Jeans that I’ll actually wear! 🙂

My DIY denim project | Hunting for Pink Flamingos

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