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Results | Shop Your Closet Challenge #1

Shop Your Closet Challenge #1 | The Results

Earlier this month, I posted a Shop Your Closet Challenge. So basically,Β a prompt to help you think about new ways to wear what’s already in your closet.

The exact challenge was:Β “Go through your closet, find the most loud/obnoxious/colorful thing you own, and find three ways to wear it.”Β I chose to do the challenge with the most outrageous/fun pair of shoes that I own. (And also, the only shoesΒ I own that aren’t black, white, nude, or pink.)

Here are the three ways I came up with!

What to Wear | Yellow dress with yellow floral shoes


I initially thought that wearing a bright yellow dress with these shoes would be too much, but when I put them on, I really loved the combination.

This could be a great outfit for date night, girls’ night, or even a wedding.

What to Wear | Blue knit dress + statement necklace + colorful statement heels


This was possibly one of the first outfits I ever tried to wear with these shoes. I like that the navy/pearl necklace combo is pretty standard, which lets the shoes stand out more.

I’ve definitely worn this to work (with a cardigan), and I’ve also worn it to dinner. I think it works well for both!

What to Wear | Jeans and a white blouse + shoes that pack a punch!


This one is definitely the most understated of the three: A classic white shirt, dark jeans, and the shoes. I always think that jeans and heels look really cute together, and I like that the basic outfit puts more emphasis on the shoes.

This could also be a casual work outfit, or you could wear it to dinner or date night or girls’ night!

Thanks so much for reading!

P.S. You can find a bunch of similar shoes here.

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