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Moto Jacket

Spring trends | Moto jackets

When I graduated from high school, the invitations to my graduation party had a list of things I liked and a list of things I didn’t like. And the month of March was in the dislikes.

I think I  mostly disliked that in March all the snow started melting, which led to a lot of puddles and mud and wet shoes/jeans. Gross.

I’m a lot more on board with March now (heyyy longer days), but the weather is still the month’s downfall. Especially since it’s warm then cold then snowing then raining, and I can never fully trust the weather app on my phone. And that means that I wear a lot of jackets and cardigans so that I’m (sort of) prepared for anything.

I mentioned a couple of months ago (in this post) that I found a super cute moto jacket at Forever 21 (for $30!), and it’s been my go-to piece the past few weeks. I’ve paired it with jeans and a T-shirt, thrown it over a dress, and – as you see here – worn it as an extra layer when it’s cold out.

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| Jacket: Forever 21, similar here and here | Turtleneck: Land’s End | Jeans: LOFT | Boots: Ross, similar |

I thought that it would be fun to do a little more practical application with my outfit posts, so I’m including a “What, When, Where, Why” with this one!

What to pair it with: Jeans and top, a sundress.

When to pull it out: When you need a light outer layer; when you have no idea how to dress for the weather.

Where to wear it: Running errands, dinner with friends, work … really anywhere.

Why it’s awesome: Because it’s basically a coat that you can wear inside, too! You can use it to add an extra layer of warmth or you could wear it as an actual outdoor jacket (depending what the weather is doing that day).

Thanks for reading!

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