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Wear to Work Wednesday: Maxi Skirt

The dress that became a maxi skirt

This maxi skirt is one of my very favorite items to wear. Part of that is because it’s really unique, and part of it is because it’sΒ really comfortable. People’s lives were probably a lot sadder before stretchy fabric was invented.

If you were to look back through my college pictures, you could find evidence of the days whenΒ this maxi skirt was a maxi dress with a very unattractive top.

But I loved the skirt part, so when I got my first job, I started wearing the dress with a cardigan buttoned over it (to hide the hideous part). And every time I wore it, someone would tell me how much they liked my skirt.

So after a couple of years (!!), I decided to just cut the hideousnessΒ off and make the bottom into a skirt.

Of course, I’d literally never altered anything before, so the stitching is crooked and the skirt is too long. ButΒ I kind of don’t want to fix it. It reminds me that people really don’t notice those tiny little flaws in the clothes I make. It also reminds me that I’ve gotten a LOT better at sewing. πŸ™‚

Ruffled hem maxi dress
Simple black top + colorful patterned skirt
How to wear the boldest, brightest items in your closet
Nashville Parthenon
The maxi skirt - the perfect choice for spring
How I turned my dress into a maxi skirt

| Top: LOFT, similar | Skirt: Originally part of a dress from Wet Seal, cute option here (with pleats!)Β | Shoes: Payless, similar for $25 |

We took these pictures at the Nashville Parthenon, which you’ll see more of in tomorrow’s post. Matt was super excited to see it, since he’s never seen the real Parthenon. I was mostly just excited that you could go into it! (I mean, look at how gigantic those columns are!! So cool.) Definitely not an option for ancient ruins.

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