Saturday Style

Saturday Style

Today is the best kind of Monday: A holiday Monday. Which means that it almost feels like this week hasΒ a second Saturday. (Also, side note, President’s Day is pretty muchΒ a pretend holiday. But hey, I’ll take the three-day weekend.)

In honor of the day,Β I thought I’d kick off a series that my friend, Bonnie, suggested: Saturday Style. In other words, super casual outfits that people actually want to wear on the weekend.

Our first edition is what I wear almost every Saturday morning: Leggings, a T-shirt, and a quarter zip. And colorful socks.

Saturday StyleSaturday StyleSaturday StyleSaturday StyleSaturday Style

| Pullover: Etsy, similar | Leggings: Modish, other options | Book: City of Glass |

When I say that I wear this almost every Saturday morning, I’m not exaggerating. The people who work at the grocery store probably think these are my only clothes.

But really, why not wear this? It’s warm (especially when I wear fleece lined leggings), it’s comfortable, and it’s justttt nice enough to leave the house in.Β Wins all around.

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