Projects, Style / February 16, 2017

Making a Fur Vest

Longline black fur vest

I mentioned a couple of months ago (in this post) that I had fallen in love with long fur vests and that I was planning to make one myself. Which I did!

I found some really soft faux fur at JoAnn (and used a coupon to buy it — always a plus), and I realized that I already ownedΒ a coat pattern that could work as my base. I mean, a coat is basically just a vest with sleeves, right?

The whole project came together surprisingly quickly. I followed almost all of the directions for the pattern (which is rare for me), and the only thing I really had to “design” myself were the pockets. Because the original design had exterior pockets, and I just thought that was weird. πŸ™‚ So I made mine interior pockets.

I was so excited about the vest that I started wearing it around my apartment before it was even finished. And now that it’s done, I pull it out any time I need a little extra warmth.

Which is frequently.

Fur vest layered over a colorblocked shirtdress
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Shirtdress + Fur vest + tights + booties
How to layer for warmth -- the stylish way
Chunky pearl necklace + dress + vest
What to wear to work this winter \\ the black fur vest
Layer a long vest over a shirtdress

| Dress: Ross, similar here and here | Vest: I made it | Tights: George | Boots: Ross, similar | Necklace: Forever 21, similar |

| Fabric: JoAnn | Pattern: Simplicity |

When I bought the fabric, the woman cutting it advised me to shake out the pattern pieces after I’d finished cutting them to dislodge any loose fur. So after I cut all the pieces, I took them into the kitchen and started shaking them out.

And fur wentΒ everywhere.Β It was all over the floor and the counters and my face and just about any other surface within a three foot radius. Matt was like, “Why didn’t you do this outside??” Um, because it was cold outside. And also because I had no idea that there would be that much fur!

Don’t worry, I cleaned it up relatively easily. ThoughΒ I did find tiny pieces of faux fur all over my apartment for the next few weeks. But it was worth it.

Thanks for reading!

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