Style / January 5, 2017

My Future In a Parka

Parka with fur hood

As many of you know, Matt is currently applying to Ph.D. programs, and soon after our wedding, we’ll be moving. But as of right now, we have no idea where we’ll be headed.

We sometimes talk about the benefits of the various programs, where we’d live, what the area would be like, etc. And one very important item in these conversations is the weather. (Ok, fine, an important item to me.) I jokingly – but also seriously – made Matt promise that if we move somewhere cold, I get a parka budget. It’s the only way I’ll be able to survive cold temperatures.

Then, I went home to Iowa for Christmas, and both my mom and my sister had parka-esque coats. (Hannah was always quick to remind me that they weren’t actually parkas.) So I borrowed Hannah’s one day as a (potential) practice run.

Parka with fur hoodParka with fur hoodParka with fur hood

| Parka: H&M, similar here and here | Sweater: LOFT, similar | Fleece-Lined Legging Options | Boots: Ross, similar here and here |

I’m fine with a little bit of winter, and snow on Christmas is always appreciated, but I want the cold to last three months max. And I am definitely not trying to have a seven-month winter. (That feels like an exaggeration, but it’s probably happened in northern Minnesota.)

But if we do end up on the frozen tundra, you’re going to be seeing a lot of me in a parka!



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