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Holiday Skirt, One Month Late

Holiday Skirt

A couple of years ago, I found this fabric at JoAnn. In the store, I was like, “Hey, that’s really cute!” And then I got it home. At which point I thought, “That is the ugliest effing fabric I have ever seen.”

So the fabric sat in a drawer for a solid two years until I saw this adorable holiday skirt in this blog post. And I realized that the fabric might have potential after all.

Holiday Skirt
Holiday SkirtHoliday Skirt

| Sweater: Old Navy, similar | Skirt: I made it | Coat: Super old, similar | Necklace: Forever 21, similar | Heels: Nine West, similar |

This project took a little longer than expected because I’d already cut some of the fabric (oops) and because I decided that I was going to design the skirt myself. This resulted in my dining room table being covered in pieces of paper for pretty much a month straight. There was also a lot of trial and error since I’d never even made a pleated skirt, much less designed one. (And honestly, I’m still considering changing a few things … )

I was hoping to have it done by Christmas, but that very clearly didn’t happen. The real motivator to finish the project was waking up to snow a couple of Saturdays ago. I was like, “I have to finish the skirt today so we can take pictures of it in the snow!” But as you can see, we got like 0.001″ of snow, so there was really no need to rush. But hey, I finished the skirt!

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