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Currently Impressed: Forever 21

Currently Impressed: Forever 21

I haven’t really shopped at Forever 21 since I was, you know, 21.

But two weeks ago, I was at the mall for an eye appointment (choosing a mall optometrist was a questionable decision, but whatever), and I decided to do a little shopping first. I’d been looking for a moto jacket, and I decided on a whim to stop in to Forever 21 to see if I could find one.

Not only did they have quite a few cute jackets (and I bought one!), they had a lot of other cute stuff. Such as …

  1. Sequin Skirt – It’s not really a secret that I love sequins (see this post), but I especially love that this skirt is multicolored! Plus, this picture has me thinking a lot about whether a casual sequin skirt needs to make its way into my closet.
  2. Pink Purse – Is this the nicest purse in the world? No. But it has a lot of storage, which gives it major points in my book.
  3. Fleece Sweatshirt – It’s fleece (aka warm). And it’s nice enough to wear outside of the house. Win win.
  4. Mesh-Panel Jacket – Half of me thinks that this jacket is completely impractical and no one would ever use it to actually exercise. The other half of me thinks that it’s adorable.
  5. Faux Leather Belt – I got one of these at H&M when I was in college, and I loved it. I actually still wear it sometimes. And because my belt, like this one, was thinner, I thought it was more comfortable than a typical belt.
  6. Longline Jacket – I’ve been really into jackets lately. Maybe because it’s so cold outside? And I especially like how long and fun this one is.
  7. Coin/Card Purse – The burgundy color was the selling point for me. So cute. Also, it would probably be very useful for traveling.

Honorable mentions go to this lobster coin purse and this pineapple fanny pack. I feel like they’re both items Kimmy Gibbler would have/use. And yes, I am watching – and enjoying – season 2 of Fuller House. 🙂

Also, I couldn’t find the exact jacket I bought online (so typical), but I think this one and this one are super cute options. (Side note: For the first jacket, why is the model wearing a leotard and a see-through skirt with a jacket?? These decisions make no sense to me.)

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