Holiday Packing List + Outfit Ideas


I’m currently home sweet home in Iowa chilling at my parents’ house for a glorious two weeks. (I’m making up for lost time after last year’s 4-day Christmas vacation tease. PSA: Don’t change jobs in November.) (And also, who’s going to turn down two weeks of vacation? Not me.)

Of course, a downside to this arrangement is that I have to pack for two weeks and manage to squeeze in everyone’s presents. So, I decided to (attempt) to only bring 20 items (only counting clothes, shoes, and scarves), and see how many outfits I could make out of it. And it was actually pretty successful! Here’s what I came up with.


| 1. Black Cardigan (Maurices, similar) | 2. Skinny Jeans (LOFT, similar) | 3. Sweater Dress (LOFT) | 4. Black Lace Dress (T.J. Maxx) | 5. Orange Elephant Scarf (Stella & Dot) | 6. Tulle Skirt (tutorial here) | 7. Black Pleated Skirt (I made it, post here) | 8. Tan Houndstooth Scarf (Land’s End) | 9. Fleece-Lined Leggings (Target has plenty of options)  | 10. Jeweled Sweater (LOFT) | 11. Black Sweater (Old Navy, similar) | 12. Monogrammed Pullover (Etsy) | 13. Brown Riding Boots (Ross) | 14. Fur Scarf (Stell & Dot) | 15. Ankle Boots (Ross) | 16. Nude Heels (Nine West from Ross – see a pattern here?) | 17. Santa Sweater (Walmart, tons of options here) | 18. Berry Turtleneck (Land’s End) | 19. Jeweled Sweater (LOFT) | 20. Green Popcorn Sweater (Land’s End) |

And here are 16 outfit combinations I came up with. (Which is perfect because I’m at home for 15 days, and there’s probably something that I’ll decide I don’t want to wear.) I’m also assuming that I’ll be wearing the leggings and the pullover at some point every day. I mean, it’s vacation.


The final, “official” count was 20 items, but I definitely cheated a ton. I still have a lot of random T-shirts at my parents’ house, and as I type this, I’m wearing sweat pants I borrowed from my sister.

I also added a winter coat, a thermal (which I highly recommend), snow boots, and a puffy vest. I decided these were essentials that I didn’t need to count because 1) Iowa is freezing this time of year, and 2) I had to travel through winter storm Decima to get here (which included driving through a freezing rain storm, driving through some very heavy snow, and having my flight delayed almost five hours. Decima is not my friend.).

There are really a lot of items that I wouldn’t have needed on a typical trip (like two party skirts …), so this would be easy enough to trim down. And actually, when I was packing, I was thinking that I could’ve left a few of these things out and still been fine. But whatever. Here we are.

I hope that you have fun plans for the holidays (and that you don’t have delays if you’re flying)! Thanks for reading!



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