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Christmas Traditions

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The last time that Christmas was on a Sunday, I was a senior in college. I remember it very well because we had a big family discussion about when we’d open presents on Christmas morning (before or after church). Hannah was super annoyed that we couldn’t do the usual 8:30 (which was honestly about the time we opened presents even when we were little — I’ve always hated mornings), and she said, in her classic melodramatic way, “This is the worst Christmas ever!”

Dad said, “Hannah, what if Naomi gets a job next year that doesn’t let her come home for Christmas?” Hannah was like, “At least we’ll get to open our presents at the properly appointed time!”

She’s such an angel. (But honestly, we all thought it was hilarious.)

The negotiations were much less dramatic this year, but as you might guess from that story, we’re very into our Christmas traditions around here. These are a few of my favorites.

  1. Hannah appoints herself as present coordinator, and she passes out gifts to everyone. She even decides what order we open them in. Back in the day, she was also very particular about how gifts were placed under the tree, and I had the best time putting presents in places I knew she’d hate so that she’d get annoyed and rearrange them all. 🙂
  2. Mom puts calendars in our stockings, along with an apple an an orange.
  3. In the weeks before (and after) Christmas, we watch a bunch of Christmas movies. Ones on TV, ones we own, ones on Netflix, ones we get from the library … we’re not picky.
  4. Instead of wrapping our presents, Mom sets up a scavenger hunt and puts our presents at the end.
  5. After presents, we put CDs in the DVD player and listen to music while we’re cleaning up and prepping for guests. Amy Grant typically makes an appearance (both this album and this one), and this year, we listened to a lot of Pentatonix, too.
  6. On Christmas afternoon, my mom makes coffee and real whipped cream (to put in said coffee).
  7. After we eat food, but usually before dessert, we go on a walk.
  8. On Christmas afternoon or evening, we pull out the board games. Balderdash, Apples to Apples, and Sequence have all been recent choices.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


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