Style / December 23, 2016

Bonus: My Sister’s Christmas Eve Outfit + Gigi the Cat


As I mentioned yesterday, Hannah and I both plan our Christmas Eve outfits far in advance. Sometimes, our outfits are very, very similar. But sometimes, like this year, they’re actually pretty different. So, I convinced her to take a couple ofΒ pictures in her outfit, too!


| Dress: Modish, similar | Cardigan: JCPenney, patern to make a similar one | Fleece-Lined Leggings: Target has tons | Booties: Maurices, similar |

Gigi (the cat) really wanted to be included, soΒ Hannah picked her up and started snuggling her obnoxiously. Of course, Gigi hated that and started struggling to get away (while Hannah was cheesing it up). I was laughing so hard that I could barely take the picture.

Also, you’ll notice that Hannah’s wearing fleece-lined leggings with this outfit. If you don’t have a pair, you’re missing out. Seriously. Those things are warm and comfortable, and they’re definitely nice enough to wear under a dress at work. (Which I do frequently.) So if someone happens to need a last-minute gift idea for you (or you need something quick for someone else), go with fleece-lined leggings. It’s nearly impossible to have too many pairs.

Thanks for reading, and merry Christmas!



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