Travel / November 24, 2016

Travelversary: Thanksgiving in Prague


Six years ago, instead of going home for Thanksgiving, I went to Prague. Of course, I was studying abroad in Greece at the time, so going home wasn’t really a viable option. But since we got the holiday off from classes, my roommates and I decided to go to Prague!

The trip was so, so fun and so, so cold. We’d been living in Athens, were temperatures were in the 70s, and then we went to Prague, were temperatures were in the 30s. We ended up visiting a lot of shops and cafes because we just couldn’t be out in the cold for that long. Especially since none of us had actual winter gear …

I don’t think the pictures betray how cold we were, though, and it really was a memorable trip. I had lunch last month with one of my friends from abroad, and this trip definitely came up. Here are some of the highlights.


As fun as that trip was, this year, I plan to keep myΒ Thanksgiving about as low-key as possible – baking, dinner with Matt’s family, maybe some Netflix. (I have to get ready for the new Gilmore Girls episodes tomorow!!) I hope your weekend is equally enjoyable.


P.S.Β I felt like Monica from Friends when I was naming this post. “We can call it our planeaversary!” “Annivegasry! Annavadaversary!”

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  1. Tim Maxa

    Hey! Let’s have a family reunion in Prague. You could be our guide!

    09 . Dec . 2016

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