The Pleated Skirt Project


Do you ever find items in your closet that are half awesome and half awful? That definitely happens to me, and then I have to decide whether to wear it (because part of it is really cute) or get rid of it (because that other part is really awful). Honestly, I usually don’t make a decision, and they stay in my closet. And I just hope that the next time I see them, they’ll somehow be better.Β However, lately, I’ve been trying to change that pattern by making something new out of the cute part.

The most recent example was turning this dress in to a pleated skirt. I bought the dress back in college when I needed a black dress for sorority recruitment, and I felt pretty ahead of the game when pleated skirts became a thing a few years ago. πŸ™‚

The transformation itself was pretty straightforward. I cut off the top, made a waistband, and sewed it to the existing skirt and lining. Of course, there was the question of how I’d sew the pleats into the waistband – folded? flat? a combo? – that I went back and forth on. In the end, I sewed them flat, though I actually put the skirt together twice because I didn’t like my original choice (the combo). Matt will be quick to tell you that this redoing thing is pretty common. I just need the visuals to decide, ok?



There was a very adorable little boy playing in the leaves while we were taking pictures. This is me waving at him.

| Shirt: I made it | Skirt: I made it | Cardigan: NY&Co, similar | Heels: Nine West, similar here and here |

My favorite part of this dress-to-skirt story is that the last time I wore the original dress, my sister told me it “screamed department store.” How very polite of her. And actually, it did come from a department store. But now it’s a skirt. So it doesn’t even matter.


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