Personal / October 29, 2016

Why Pink Flamingos?


So choosing a blog name is a big undertaking. Some people are really good with clever headlines and names – I am most definitely not one of those people. I wanted something unique but also something somewhat vague that would allow me to play around with the fashion/lifestyle/DIY/etc. ideas I had.

The other day, I was driving past this store that sells lots of knick knacks and lawn ornaments, and I saw a pink flamingo. That made me think of the time that my sister, her friend, and I did a “photoshoot” with a bunch of pink flamingos that were in our yard as a joke. Of course, the friend’s mom saw them on Facebook and sent them to the local newspaper. And they printed them on the front page. So that was a lesson in exactly how not private your information is once you put it on the internet.

But I digress. I thought about the flamingos and how we were “hunting” them. And I thought it was such a great analogy for looking for the crazy but amazing things that just pop up in our everyday lives. I love finding that unique sweater or the book that I can’t put down or the recipe that I literally want to eat all week. And that’s what I want to blog about, too.

So join me as we talk about all things crafty and fun and interesting. It’ll be an adventure!


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