December 14, 2017

Dressing for Plane Rides | Winter Edition

When I’m packing to go on a trip, one of the hardest parts is deciding what I’m going to wear while I travel. And it’s even harder for plane rides…

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December 13, 2017

Gift Guide | Treat Yo Self

always think it’s hard to come up with a Christmas list for myself, so I’ve put together a few ideas for you to add to your list — or to treat yo self…

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December 11, 2017

DIY Christmas Stockings

Here’s a quick and easy tutorial for making Christmas stockings for everyone at your house. (Your cat probably needs one, too…

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December 7, 2017

Oversized Sweater Weather

You know how sometimes you’ll buy an item, and you just want to wear it every day? That’s how I feel about this oversized sweater…

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December 6, 2017

Gift Guide | Under $25

Christmas shopping gets expensive quickly, so I’m always on the lookout for gifts under $25. I’ve compiled a list of fun options for your favorite people…

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December 4, 2017

Better Than a Party Dress

When it comes to picking a holiday outfit, I usually go with a cocktail dress. But recently, I’ve been wearing a tulle skirt instead — and it’s the best…

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November 30, 2017

Life Lately

My life lately, including decorating for Christmas, watching Christmas movies, making Christmas stockings … you get the idea…

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November 27, 2017

Why I Bought Over the Knee Boots

I wasn’t even a little bit tempted to buy over the knee boots … until I tried them on. And now I want to wear them all. the. time…

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November 21, 2017

Turtleneck + Dress = Love

Last winter, I started to notice people wearing turtlenecks under their dresses, and I thought it was the most brilliant idea. So obviously, I’m copying it…

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November 20, 2017

Gift Guide | People Who Are Hard to Shop For

We all have at least one person who is hard to shop for. So this year, instead of waiting until the last minute, start early with these options…

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