Pink + Pattern + Pearls

If you ask me, the #1 reason to wear a fit and flare dress is to feel like an ice skater. (Anyone else?) I caught the Olympic bug very young, and I remember being so into the ladies' ice skating during the Nagano games. I actually drew a picture of Tara Lapinsky, Michelle Kwan, and Chen Lu on my little chalkboard, and the last time I was in my parents' basement, that picture was still on the chalkboard. Read more →

Summer Casual

I will be the first to admit that I love getting ready - dressing up, putting together outfits, finding reasons to wear slightly impractical items (like, say, tulle skirts) ... I'm a fan. However, at the end of the day and on weekends, I am all about super easy, ultra-comfortable outfits. Read more →

Going Glam

As you may have noticed on Monday, my hair and makeup are a little more glam this week than usual. That's because I had my hair and makeup trial for the wedding last Thursday, and I decided to make the most of the opportunity by doing a few photo shoots! Read more →

Capsule Wardrobe: Work Edition

My sister is about to graduate from college and start her first "real job," which has lead to quite a few discussions about what she will and won't be able to wear to work and what she should buy as a result. It made me think about when I was offered my first (and only) internship, and I was worried that I'd have to buy all new clothes. Read more →